Oakwood STEM Program

(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Welcome to the homepage of the Oakwood STEM Program, providing enrichment opportunities and advanced preparation for highly motivated, academic students interested in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields.  Please see the program details and requirements below.

November 2015 News:

Oakwood STEM Program Year 2:

A meeting was held for all continuing STEM students on Tuesday October 27, 2015 to discuss our plans for another exciting year of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics enrichment.  This year’s group will be taking part in:

  • Cardboard Boat Race Challenge in November and December.
  • Field trip to the Toronto Reference Library to get 3D Printing Certification Nov. 27.
  • Bridge building competion.

Current grade 9s should watch this space and listen to announcements for an information meeting, shortly after the first report card, regarding new applications to the STEM program.


February 2015 News:

STEM students have been preparing since January to compete in the Waterloo Mathematics Competition which will be held on February 24, 2015.  Mr. Fleisher has been holding lunchtime tutorial sessions for students each Wednesday.

On Friday February 20, STEM students joined Mr. Tsilfidis' grade 11 physics students on a field trip to the University of Toronto and the ROM.  At U of T the students learned how to construct electric motors at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  In the afternoon, they took in the Biodiversity and other exhibits at the Royal Ontario Museum.


December 2014 News:

19 students have been accepted into our brand new STEM Program.

Students have begun working on their first Technology Challenge: Bot Battles 2015.  They are spending lunchtimes learning how to build and program bots using Lego MindStorms kits.  Once they have designed, constructed and tested their bots, they will enter the battle ring in May 2015.  Rumour has it that STEM teachers will also enter a participant!

Here is what you will take and what you will do…




Technology *







2 Courses from the following:

(at least one at the senior level)


Exploring Technology: TIJ1O1

Information & Communication Technology in Busines
BTT104 (Extended French


Technological Design:





·         3 Math Competitions (gr. 9-12)

·         3 Science Competitions (gr. 11, 12)


·         WHMIS Training

·         CPR/AED Training


Participation in the following:


·         Technology Competition

·         School-wide STEM Competition

·         Senior Independent Research/Design/Analysis Project (under the supervision of a STEM teacher)








Any 2 University Level Science Courses

1 University or Mixed Course

(MCR3U1 or MCF 3M1)


Any 2 University Level Science or SNC4M1 (Science in Society)

1 University Level Math course

And maintain a 75% average in your STEM courses.

* NOTE for 2014-2015 ONLY: Grade 9 students currently enrolled in BTT101 (English) will be able to count this course as one of the two required technology courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What does the program entail?

Students take a suite of 12 courses in academic sciences, math and technology and participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, competitions, contests and independent research.

2. Who is this program for?

It is targeted to highly motivated, academic students demonstrating keen interest in science, math and design technology.

3. When can students enter the program?

They begin in grade 9 by selecting the following 3 courses on their grade 8 course selection sheet:  Academic Math MPM1D1, Academic Science SNC1D1 and Exploring Technology TIJ1O1 or BTT104 (if enrolled in Extended French).

4. Can students enter the program at a later date?

Yes! The program may be entered in grade 10 by selecting Academic Math MPM2D1, Academic Science SNC2D1 and Technological Design TDJ2O1. The program cannot be entered after grade 10.

5. Is there a minimum achievement requirement?

Yes! Students are expected to maintain a 75% average in their STEM courses in order to be able to complete the program in the their senior years (gr. 11 and 12).

6. Is there a participation requirement?

Yes! Students are expected to participate in course-related competitions and contests and in WHMIS and CPR/AED training in grade 11.

7. What do you mean by the ‘Independent Research Project?

Students will be paired up with an Oakwood teacher and will extend classroom investigations/projects to work on independent, individualized research. This is an opportunity for students to experience real research based on questions that they pose.  Students will present their findings in a conference format and be judged by their peers and supervisors.

8. Can students still take courses in other areas?

Absolutely yes!  The STEM program requires 12 courses, leaving lots of room to explore other areas. In fact many of our top STEM students also excel in the Extended French, Arts and Athletics programs.  Extended French students, taking academic level math and science in grade 9 already meet the course requirements for STEM because they are also taking BTT104 (Information and Communication Technology in Business) as part of the Ext. French package.

9. Is there an application process for the program?

Yes! There will be an information meeting for students in the Fall of each school year.  Students simply need to demonstrate that they are taking the required grade 9 courses and meeting academic achievement requirements (75% average)

10. Is there an application cost?


11. Are there other costs involved?

There may be some minimal costs for the provision of some of the extra-curricular activities such as training sessions and field trips.  It is not the intention to associate major costs with this program.

12. Will the student’s work in the STEM program be acknowledged?

Yes! Students will receive a certificate of achievement at commencement in the year that they graduate.  Of course, the real prize is the experience and skill set that they will have acquired through the program.