Oasis Alternative Secondary School


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Welcome to our small school that offers three distinct programs at three different locations for students who have experienced difficulty attending a traditional secondary school.

OASIS Arts and Social Change Program delivers an arts-based and social justice curriculum based on evidence which demonstrates that student achievement is heightened in schools that provide high quality arts education.

OASIS Triangle Program is an alternative  high school for LGBTQ2+ youth in need of a smaller and safer space where they can find and build community. We offer flexible and caring supports to help our students earn their high school diploma. 


OASIS Skateboard Factory offers courses with a skateboard and street art focus where students earn credits by operating a socially responsible entrepreneurial business. 



Curriculum Leader

Leela Acharya she/her - OCT

Changing Ourselves & Changing the World:

Students struggle in schools for a range of reasons. Oasis provides a safety net for students who want to experience success. At our 3 sites, we create highly individualized programs where students progress at their own pace through a curriculum that reflects the reality of their lives. We have found that once they begin to make positive changes, it becomes possible for them to look at ways to make changes in the world around them. If you like what we have to offer, please reach out to us @ 416-393-9830 for a conversation and tour. 

Student Art