Barb Rutterberg Visits Ms. Donovan’s Grade 1 Class 

On Wednesday, November 29th Barb Rutterberg a Nurse Practitioner visited Ms. Donovan’s Grade 1 Class. In September Colton used the word relationship when we were reading the Oliver Jeffer books and it got us thinking about the question, who is everybody in the world? From here the students learned that a relationship is the state of being connected, connected means belonging together. Stephan said, “we can be connected to the community” and from here the students created pictures of people they wanted to learn from.

Barb was our first visitor. After listening to her stories we were able to ask her questions about our community and here is some of our new thinking:


“Being part of the community makes people feel happy.”

“People who get excluded from the community feel sad.”

“Barb helps people because she is a hero.”

“I think in a big community people are left out.”

“Communities are better when you help out.”

“Barb was very protective of people.”

“Barb loved the same book we did, Miss Rumphius.”

“Barb wants to make the world more beautiful.”


We are looking forward to future visitors!