"Palmerish" - A Glossary of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Lunch Recess?  Indoor shoes?  Ranger Joe?  Book Fairs?  First Seating?!? Turtles?!?!? Lunch Lady??!?!?!?!?

If you are new to Palmerston, or less new, you will discover that we speak a rather unique blend of English and...Palmerish.   Staff and students speak this language every day, and we forget that many parents, especially those new to Palmerston, have absolutely no clue what we are talking about. 

One mom let me know that she finally, finally learned Palmerish the last year that she was here.  We thought it might be helpful if parents had the opportunity to learn this secret language a little sooner.  So, we created a glossary of Palmerish terms.  We hope you find it helpful.  This is by no means an exhaustive summary: we will be adding to it as time goes on.

If you have any questions, or if you hear a term that is completely foreign, please let us know.

Have fun and welcome to the world of Palmerish!