Important Update: Premier Doug Ford has announced that all schools in Ontario, including those at the TDSB, will remain closed past the initial date of April 5, 2020. At this time, no additional details have been provided.
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Queen Victoria: A great place to learn!

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We are a school that is committed to the improvement of student literacy and numeracy through a school-wide approach. We focus on best practices in assessment, instruction, professional development and home/school partnerships. Our key goal is for all children to reach their potential.  At Queen Victoria our initiatives take on their own unique flavour as we have integrated them with the Arts, the common language we share with all of our cultures. We emphasize the importance of Technology and the Environment. Queen Victoria offers a great deal for the children of Parkdale.

Work hard, work smart and work together!

Queen Victoria is Where I Go!

Our teachers set high expectations for themselves and their students. In fact, the commitment of teachers to their students' success is exemplary. Children have opportunities to participate and excel in a wide range of activities such as: choirs; ballroom dancing;art;chess; guitar and dance clubs; athletic teams; public speaking events; school council etc. The pride the children take in their school is evident in these words taken from our school song: "Queen Victoria's where I go. I'm proud that it's my school and I want you to know... children from around the world come here to learn and grow. Queen Victoria's where I go..."