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Highlights from Student Work

This year, in eighth grade, we got to make websites about where we / our ancestors came from. In this project we had to make at least four pages, not including a home page, and we had a list of topics that we could write about on each page. We got to customize our websites and present them in front of our class. I learned a lot about where I used to live that I never knew. It was a great way to express ourselves and be creative with my own heritage and lifestyle. Overall, it was educational, fun, creative and a great way to get out of my comfort zone. This was definitely one of my favourite projects this year. 


Ten out of ten! I loved this project and I would totally do it again!


During our six weeks of remote learning, Mr. Deotto and students from 8A, 8B, and 8C focused on photography during our Art lessons. We used the Rule of Thirds and other elements of design to capture portraits of a classmate of our choice. During this current pandemic, several students’ mental health had suffered as a result of stress. Getting outside with a classmate while staying safe and cautious helped students regain motivation and stay focused on their assignments. Being in online school for six weeks weakened my social skills as learning and communicating online was more challenging than in-person learning. Communicating in person with classmates during remote-learning for assignments really helped me restore those social skills.