The compulsory Academy uniform is designed to give students a sense of collective identity, which eliminates cultural and economic distinctions.  The uniform package reflects our unique school image, as well as a standard of grooming and dress appropriate for the learning environment and future employment.Students in any part of the school building, out of school classes, programs, public occasions or on excursions must be in full King uniform at all times. Students are advised to sew name labels on the inside of their clothing.All uniform pieces must come from our supplier, R. J. McCarthy Ltd.  The supplier has been granted the exclusive right to use the name and logo of the school. The school does not guarantee the quality of the uniforms supplied nor does it assume any responsibility for the delivery of any items ordered from the supplier.

R.J. McCarthy Ltd.

12 Trojan Gate, Scarborough  M1B 3V8
Phone: 416-593-6900      Toll-free: 1-800-668-8261
Fax: 416-593-6229   On line: www.rjmccarthy.com

Jackets must be removed immediately upon entering the school and must be stored in the student's locker.Head coverings worn for religious reasons must be solid: grey, navy, black or white.  All other head coverings must be removed immediately upon entering the building.Excessive jewelry, large pendants, contrasting belts, sashes or other forms of adornment are not to be worn.Uniforms are to be clean and in good repair at all times and must fit properly. Oversized or undersized pieces are not acceptable.  No part of the uniform is to be DISTORTED from the intended design.  Therefore, the rolling up of skirt waistbands and the hems of pants, shorts and capris is prohibited.

Uniform infractions are regarded as a serious disregard for the contractual requirements of the Academy.  Students with uniform infractions that cannot be remedied will not be allowed in class.  Repeated infractions will result in a suspension with parent notification.




King Coordinates

King Dress Pants or Box Pleat Skirt- grey

  • Pants must be worn at the waist.  
  • King skirt lengths are preset by McCarthy's and must be worn as purchased. 
  • There must be NO visible undergarments at any time.

King Shirts  - Polo - white or navy
          - Oxford-white, blue, or white/grey pinstripe
          - King pullover sweater, vest or cardigan -navy

  • King Oxford shirts must be buttoned at all times
  • Only a SOLID grey, navy, black, or white undershirt can be worn under the regular King shirts and must be tucked in.  Only the outermost layer can be worn untucked. No writing, designs, or hoods are permitted.
  • A King shirt must be worn under a King navy vest or pullover and must be tucked in.  

Optional Clothing Items 
- King long sleeve zip polo shirt- white or navy              
King Blazer 
- King dress shorts-navy              
- King Capri pants (female) - navy

  • King shorts and capri pants may only be worn during the months of September, October, April, May and June.
  • Students who are active members of Leadership Councils may wear their blue crew neck leadership sweatshirt as part of their R. H. King uniform.

Athletic Wear - Physical Education Classes

  • King T-shirt - white or blue
  • King shorts - unisex boxer - navy or King sweat pants - navy
  • White sport socks and running shoes
  • Athletic wear for gym classes and team uniforms cannot be worn in place of the regular school uniform.

Accessories - Shoes

  • Leather, vinyl, running shoes, sandals or ankle boots - must be totally blackincluding laces, soles and logos.  Shoes must be worn within the building at all times. Students are not to carry extra shoes or boots with them. They should be stored in their locker. 
  • Foam flip-flops are not permitted for safety reasons. 

Socks / Hosiery / Leggings - solid grey, navy, black, or white (no designs)