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Leadership: Arts and Culture Pathway

Developing leadership skills through experiential arts education

The Leadership: Arts and Culture Pathway (L:AC) provides enriched opportunities to develop leadership skills while, at the same time, offering instruction in a wide variety of disciplines within arts and culture.

Feed your spirit and fuel your life by pursuing a career
that you can be passionate about!

Prepare yourself for the future by developing the leadership skills
to succeed in any setting!


What is the Leadership: Arts and Culture Pathway?

This program is an opportunity to differentiate your education by combining skill building and experiences in leadership through experiential instruction in the arts and business. Supplementing the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum, students take a bundle of courses in the arts, business and experiential learning that allow them the opportunity to develop and enhance the skills and experiences needed to become leaders.

Is this a Performing Arts Program?

You can focus on the performing arts (drama, dance, music) but you can choose to study some of our other arts options: film production, media studies, visual arts, media arts, communications technology, technical theatre production, technological design, and arts management.

What Does it Mean to Be a Leader?

True leadership enables a team to achieve something greater than any one individual can achieve on their own.  Leaders demonstrate and foster...
  •  Creativity...innovating and envisioning a new future
  •  Communication skills...getting the message across
  •  Teamwork...putting aside personal aspirations to empower a team to achieve a goal
  •  Critical analysis...identifying and using strengths within a group to move towards a goal

Leadership skills are developed in many ways within the L:AC Pathway:
  • L:AC Focus Courses: Leadership issues and skills are explored and developed in the L:AC courses in Gr  9 (Mentor, English and Exploring Technology) andGr 10 (Mentor, History and Civics/Careers)
  • Dance: Creating and leading choreography for peers and the community hones creativity and communication skills
  • Drama: An emphasis on small group and project based creation develops creative thinking, teamwork and communication skills
  • Music: Conducting and performing opportunities with small and large ensembles develop analysis and communication skills
  • Visual Arts: Project based activities describing and creating culture develops skills in creativity, communication and analysis
  • Video Production: Project planning and management within a production team to develop short films from concept to product
  • Tech: Individual accountability within a larger project to design and create or fabricate digital and physical media
  • Arts Leadership Councils/Clubs: Project-based experiences develop creativity, cooperation and planning
  • Volunteering: Students tailor placements to strengthen their skills while giving back to the community

Through the arts, students develop leadership skills to turn their imagination into reality, whether it be with paint, body language, a trumpet, movement, wood, their voice, a computer or the proverbial pen and paper.


Specialization within Leadership: Arts and Culture

In their senior years, students choose one of the two areas of focus:

Arts Management

Using curriculum taken from Business, Arts and English, students explore the ideas, innovations and opportunities presented by Toronto's vibrant cultural sector.  This hands-on course offers opportunities to develop skills from project planning to partnership development, strategic communications and fundraising.  This course offers students with an interest in the arts and a talent for organization a unique window on an industry that is an essential part of Toronto's international reputation.

Technical Theatre Production

This course focuses on Theatrical Set Design and Construction.  Students design and create the sets, props, sound effects and lighting for the school musical, then extend their skills as they become the crew for the musical production in the roles of Stage manager, Lighting/Spotlight Operator, Sound Mixer, Wireless Microphone Management, Stage Hand and Projectionist.  Students move from theoretical understandings to experiential learning in a real life setting.


 What Will I Get Out of the L:AC Pathway?
In addition to a curriculum enriched with skill building in the arts and leadership:           

  • Upon graduation, students will receive a Certificate indicating completion of the Leadership: Arts and Culture Pathway
  • The courses completed through the L:AC Pathway fulfill most of the requirements for the Specialist High Skills Major in Arts and Culture (SHaSAM), a second Arts program at R.H. King Academy designed to allow specialization in the Arts at the high school level. L:AC students can also complete SHaSAM by taking 4 additional credits and 6 Certifications (training sessions by visiting guest artists)
  • Graduates from SHaSAM will also receive certificates for each completed Arts and Culture related Certification, and an OSSD Diploma that includes an Ontario Ministry of Education seal indicating their successful completion of the Specialist High Skills Major in Arts and Culture
  • Ultimately, this pathway will prepare students to be future leaders in Arts and Culture


What are the L:AC Pathway Requirements?
Students in the Leadership: Arts and Culture Pathway are required to:

  • Volunteer 100 hours: at least 25 of these hours must be related to Arts and Culture
  • Participation councils and clubs at R.H. King Academy, totalling 15 points, 7 of which must be related to the Arts
  • Complete mandatory Leadership: Arts and Culture courses, including:
    • Gr 9: 1 Arts course (drama/music/visual art) AND Exploring Technology (TIJ) AND English (with a Leadership/Arts focus)
    • Gr 10: 1 Arts course AND History for (with a Leadership/Arts focus) AND Civics/Careers (with a Leadership/Arts focus)
    • Gr 11/12: 2 Arts courses; AND either Theatre Production or Arts Management
  • Required activities for Leadership: Arts and Culture students will include but not be limited to: workshops, guest speakers, excursions and other leadership endeavours
  • Attend "Leadership Development Day", a full day excursion to explore leadership skills in early October of Grade 9 (fee involved)
  • Exhibit exemplary behaviour that embodies the core values of the R. H. King Academy Leadership Pathways, including maintaining academic success

 Who Can Apply?
The Leadership: Arts and Culture Pathway is open to students entering Grade 9 with a background and/or interest in Arts and Culture.  Both "in area" and "out of area" students will be considered.  This is a non-auditioned arts program, but students should be able to demonstrate past experiences in both the arts and leadership.

Criteria for Acceptance into the L:AC Pathway
Acceptance into the Leadership: Arts and Culture Pathway is based on our school's motto:  "We Care, We Strive, We Serve".  R. H. King Academy staff will review all applications and select finalists for an interview based upon the criteria below:

  • "We Care" focuses on leadership in Arts and Culture activities
  • "We Strive" focuses on academic proficiency as well as experiences in, and exposure to, Arts and Culture
  • "We Serve" focuses on community and school involvement, especially experiences related to Arts and Culture


Application Timeline
The application process occurs every November.  More details, and the application form, will be posted on the R.H. King Academy website in November.


Contact Us!
If you have any questions about the Leadership: Arts and Culture Pathway, please contact R.H. King Academy at 416-396-5550.

 * L:AC = Leadership Arts and Culture Pathway