Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test- Thursday March 30, 2017 

Students writing the test must be at school by 8:30; in the afternoon, THERE WILL BE CLASSES for ALL STUDENTS, all 4 periods will run in shortened format commencing at 12:55.

The Literacy Test will be written by all Grade 10 students and those previously eligible working towards their Ontario Secondary Schools Diploma. The successful completion of the OSSLT is a requirement of graduation in Ontario. A pass is a score of 300.



The purpose of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) is to ensure that students have acquired the essential reading and writing skills that apply to all subject areas in the provincial curriculum up to the end of grade 8.


Focus Skills of the OSSLT 

The reading selections will focus on three reading skills: understanding explicitly (directly), stated ideas and information, understanding implicitly (indirectly) stated ideas and information, and making connections between information and ideas in a reading selection and personal knowledge and experience.

The short and long writing tasks will focus on three writing skills: developing a main idea with sufficient supporting details, organizing information and ideas in a coherent manner; and, using conventions (spelling, grammar, punctuation) in an efficient manner.


Preparation Strategies for the OSSLT 

All of our grade 10 students have also been preparing for the OSSLT with a practice book which each students received at the beginning of the year. When time permits, students practice with their English teachers, but students are encouraged to practice with the workbook on their own or to visit www.eqao.com for additional sample questions. The week before the EQAO test, students will also receive additional practice of all questions in all their classes in a “rush week” style application.

In preparation for the OSSLT test in March, the literacy department has implemented a Lunch and Learn program.  In the weeks leading up to the test, every WWednesdayat lunch students (who have been identified as at-risk by their teachers, or who have been unsuccessful at a first OSSLT attempt) gather with a group of teacher volunteers to practice OSSLT style questions. Each week the group tackles one of the reading and writing skills from the test in the hopes that these focused tutorials will help our students be successful.


Components of the OSSLT 

Reading Selections & Types of Questions  Writing Tasks & Questions
  •  Information Paragraph
  •  Long Writing Tasks (news report and a series of paragraphs expressing an opinion)
  • News Report
  • Two Short Writing Tasks
  • Dialogue
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  •  Graphic Text
  • Multiple Choice and Open Responses
  •  Real Life Narrative


Test Materials 

Students will complete two test booklets and one student answer sheet.


Duration of the OSSLT 

Students will require approximately three hours to write the test including breaks. Please note that students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) which outline accommodation and supports that are necessary for, and consistent with, regular classroom practices will be given the same accommodations and supports during the OSSLT. (For example, extra time, alternate location, assistive technology, etc.) . A letter will go home with students indicating the accommodation and special schedule with room designation information.



The results of the OSSLT are released in June of the same school year. Each student will receive an EQAO Individual Student Report indicating whether the student was successful or unsuccessful. N.B. The results do not count toward student grade but a successful outcome is a graduation requirement for the OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma.)