Eco Schools

Roden is Green

Roden Public School has been part of the Eco Schools Program for the past four years. We have been a Gold Level Status school for the last three. In 2013-2014, Roden attained Platinum Level Certification. Waste minimization and energy conservation are the foremost goals for our school. Roden students, staff, parents, and community are working together to make our school an eco-conscious learning environment.
Successful waste reduction is attributed to the tireless efforts of the community. Students are encouraged to bring litterless lunches. In January 2014, we started the Green Bin program to compost organic materials, helping to reduce the amount of waste. We also have a recycling program for paper, bottles, cans, milk cartons, and juice boxes. Students are involved in collecting recyclables in the school. Shortly, school newsletters, forms and other notices will be available on our school web site. Once again, this will significantly reduce paper consumption.

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