SATEC @ W.A. Porter C.I. is the Scarborough Academy for Technological, Environmental and Computer Education, a school with a specialized program for students who want to be successful citizens of the 21st century.

SATEC is a uniformed school.  Every three years, our school must poll our students after informing the staff and school communities about the options.  Student voice is sought out and honoured.  From 2021 till 2024, it has been decided by our student body, with family consultation, that our school colours would define the uniform rather than mandatory purchases with the crested tops at McCarthy's.  

  1. Any white polo shirt or button down may be worn.
  2. The sweater or jacket may be navy or hunter green.
  3. For the bottom, navy casual dress pants (no jeans, cargo pants, joggers or leggings) or a navy skirt of any length.

Although borrowed devices may be returned at the nearest TDSB school, textbook and resource return must be returned to your school directly.  Please follow the schedule below for these returns and pick up of last year's yearbook and for our grade 12 students, their diplomas and awards.



Grade 12 – Wednesday, July 7

Grade 12 – Thursday, July 8


Surnames A - F

9:00 – 12:00

Graduates who were not able to come on July 7th


G - K


L - O


P - S


T - Z

[Please note that for any and all pick ups, they will be taking place outside of the main front doors of the schools.  Please be sure to bring your student ID.] 


Prospective Grade 8 Students and Parents

The TDSB is offering a Summer Reach-Ahead Opportunity for Grade 8 Students

Current TDSB Grade 8 students are eligible to register for either 1) the TDSB Continuing Education, Hybrid or Remote Secondary Full Credit Summer Reach-Ahead course, GLD2O1, or 2) the fully online, e-Summer Full Credit Summer Reach Ahead course, GLD2OE. While secondary schools do NOT have a role in registering grade 8 students for the summer program, we did want to help spread the word about this opportunity.

Program Options:

Option 1: Hybrid and Remote, Continuing Education, Secondary Credit- GLD2O1

Should an announcement be made that only remote learning can take place, hybrid students need to be prepared to pivot to remote learning.

Session: One session in July through Continuing Education

When: July 5th - 30th, 2021

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. (Note: Attendance is mandatory daily)


Option 2: e-Summer Secondary Credit - GLD2OE

Sessions: July and August

When: July 5 - July 29, 19 days or  August 3 - 27, 19 days

Time: This Grade 9 Reach Ahead course, GLD2OE, is being offered through e-Learning in both July and August. The course is delivered daily through a flexible schedule that includes both synchronous and asynchronous learning. The teacher will establish synchronous class times with their students. Students should plan to allocate about six hours daily to this course.

Mandatory Online Credit: Successful completion of GLD2OE through only e-Summer (not through Continuing Education) will count towards the student’s mandatory e-Learning credits.


Please note:

  • Space is limited, and the course may fill up prior to the close of registration.
  • Continuing Education students are responsible for providing their own learning materials, including laptops/internet access as these are not provided by Continuing Education.
  • Grade 8 students are not eligible to enrol into any other Secondary Credit or eSummer courses.
  • Grade 8 students interested in the reach ahead summer programming in one of these formats whould communicate their interest to their elementary school.


For more information about the:

The up to date COVID webpage that contains information for parents and caregivers can be accessed by clicking on the underlined hyperlink.  They are regularly updating the translations to include multiple languages for the school screening questionnaire.

Please visit the ANNOUNCEMENTS page for important messages from the Administration team and the Guidance team.



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