SATEC @ W.A. Porter C.I. is the Scarborough Academy for Technological, Environmental and Computer Education, a school with a specialized program for students who want to be successful citizens of the 21st century. SATEC offers an innovative program that combines rigorous academics with in-depth applications of technology, computer and environmental studies. SATEC provides a climate for structured and accountable learning with high academic and citizenship expectations for all students, including student uniforms and adherence to a code of behaviour. The curriculum stresses the importance of study skills, ethics, and personal accountability. We offer exciting leadership opportunities with an extensive array of school organizations and teams.



Our naturalized areas, including the butterfly garden & pond, create unique outdoor classrooms. SATEC has won Platinum ECOschools status for our efforts in minimizing waste, recycling, energy conservation and community cleanup. SATEC promotes sustainable practices and creates graduates who are environmentally aware.