Grade 8 Admissions 


Thank you for your interest in SATEC’s Specialized STEAM Program.  It is now a Toronto District School Board Centralized Program.  Please refer to the information below for more details...

For more general information/details about the application process, please refer to the following Central Student Interest Program Website link.
For information about all of the programs and locations, please refer to the following Central Math, Science and Technology Program link.


In addition to prioritizing students from underserved communities, the TDSB Math, Science and Technology programs are committed to supporting the representation of students self-identifying as female.


Students interested in attending one of the secondary Math, Science and Technology programs are not required to submit any supplemental application or information. A completed Centralized Program Application is all that is required. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces available, all applicants will be eligible for the random selection process.