Grade 8 Admissions 


Thank you to all the grade 8 students and their families who joined us for our Virtual Open House and thank you for your interest in applying to SATEC’s Specialized STEAM Program. 

The deadline for applying to the Specialized STEAM Program was 4 pm January 3, 2022 and as such we will no longer be accepting applications. We look forward to reviewing all application packages and appreciate all the hard work students have completed in this process.  

All applicants will receive an email notification as to whether they have been accepted to the Specialized STEAM program for September 2022. This Acceptance OR Non-Acceptance letter will be emailed to applicants by February 11, 2022.


If you receive an Acceptance letter, you will be asked to either confirm or deny SATEC’s offer of acceptance by using the Google Form link that will be in the letter. Applicants and their families will be required to submit this Google Form by 4:00 pm on February 22, 2022.

As  a reminder, SATEC @ W.A. Porter C.I. is one of the TDSB’s closed schools, and as such only the following students are eligible to attend one of our two programs:

  • Students residing in area are entitled to attend the regular Collegiate Program, or they may attend the Specialized STEAM program if they have been accepted into the STEAM program,
  • Students residing out of area are only permitted to attend SATEC if they are accepted into the Specialized STEAM Program.

Grade 8  Specialized Program


If you have any questions, please contact us at


Under the current circumstances we need to have some flexibility – applicant can include the Optional Attendance Form in their package and we will look to get Principal's signatures when we are back to “brick & mortar” – this will not affect the application