Gr. 8 Information Evening

Thank you to all the parents and grade 8 students who joined us at our virtual Open House on Thursday, December 10th at 6:00 pm. 

We understand that not all of you could join us due to prior engagements and work commitments so the presentation was recorded for you to view.   

The slide deck of our presentation is also available for you to view. Please do not forget to click on the accompanying video links as they really showcase our school, program, and students.  You will receive a much more rich experience by viewing them.


Collegiate (Regular) Program Application Process (In-Area Only)

In-area students may apply for the Specialized Program or attend the regular SATEC program.  If you wish to apply for the Specialized Program, please read the Specialized Program Application Process. Speak to your Grade 8 Guidance Counsellor for information to complete a Course Selection Form.


Specialized Program Application Process

The application process is now closed.  The deadline was January 4th.  Thank you to all who have expressed interest by applying to our program.  We are currently looking through the applications and are quite impressed with what we have so far.

Students and parents will be notified by February 12th of their acceptance or non-acceptance into the program.