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Community-Connected Experiential Learning (CCEL) builds on research that indicates that students are more engaged, more motivated to learn, and more successful when they can connect what they are learning to situations they care about in their community and in the world. Research has also found that experiential learning that takes place in the community contributes to the development of Global competencies by “giving opportunities for authentic learning, engaging students actively, fostering co-operation and collaboration, meeting individual interests, empowering learners and extending horizons beyond comfort zones”


The 6th Toronto District School Board CETA Robotics Exhibition Game

This year, the CETA Robotics competition was held in person at SATEC on Thursday, May 11. There were nine TDSB schools, with 24 teams consisting of a total of 76 students, competing in three different events. We express our gratitude to our judge, Dennis Cecic, who diligently judged every single round, which took an entire day to complete. With Dennis' support, every student spent time with their teachers at their home school, learning, building, and testing their robots weekly in preparation for the game day. All the robots were able to trace the line and compete in the race. Some were even successful in completing the IoT and/or collision detection challenge. We extend our appreciation to the volunteering students and teachers from SATEC who helped run this event smoothly. Additionally, we thank CCEL for providing funding to each school to cover the costs of robots, lessons, and supplies, making this event possible. Every successful student will receive a CETA Robotics T-shirt, and each school will be awarded a plaque for their achievements.

Result for 2023 CETA Robotic

Run the fairway

1st place: Northern Secondary School, TDSB - ROW BOT (James Begin & Koby Seeligsohn) 

2nd place: SATEC, TDSB - NEHAN (Simon Akhter & Mehran Monjur)

3rd place: Northern Secondary School, TDSB - ICE CREAM (Regan Medcof & Alyssa Lee)

Run the fairway IoT

1st place: SATEC, TDSB - YUSUF (Yusuf Yusuf)

2nd place: SA​​​​​​​TEC, TDSB - PAYTO (Nehan Mohammed & Ahmed Pandhare)

3rd place: West Hill CI, TDSB - GALAXY (Krishiv Kanendran, Aurang Asif & Hisham Ahmed)

Run the fairway Collision Avoidance

1st place: SA​​​​​​​TEC, TDSB - NEHAN (Simon Akhter & Mehran Monjur)

2nd place: SA​​​​​​​TEC, TDSB - PAYTO  (Nehan Mohammed & Ahmed Pandhare)

2nd place: George S. Henry Academy, TDSB - ADA (Armita Arefian, Diana Riyahi & Parsa Hosseinpouriantaheri)

Other participating Schools:

York Mills C.I., TDSB

Don Mills C.I., TDSB

Albert Campbell C.I., TDSB

Northview Heights Secondary School, TDSB

CETA Robotic Game 19 May 2022


I would like to say a big thank you to all the schools, students and teachers who participated in this year’s CETA robotic challenge. It was a great success and everybody was having a great time. I would also like to congratulate the following schools and students that had successfully built the Robot and send them in for the game day. Without the help of students at SATEC this competition will not be running so smoothly. Big hands of applause to all.

Here is the result of the competition:

Run the fairway

1st place -  Riverdale CI, TDSB

2nd place -  York Mills CI,  TDSB

3rd place - SATEC@W.A. Porter CI, TDSB

Run the fair way - IoT

1st place -  West Hill CI, TDSB

2nd place -  Victoria Park CI, TDSB

3rd place -  George S. Henry Academy, TDSB

Other participating schools

Northern Secondary School, TDSB

Northview Heights Secondary School, TDSB

Don Mills CI, TDSB