Many students have difficulty with school because they have difficulty connecting their learning to their own lives or a career pathway. Here’s a possible direction… Earth needs YOU!

What could be more relevant than our own survival? What could be more rewarding than getting paid to save our planet? What could be cooler than having the whole world as your classroom?

The environment and clean industry is now one of the top 5 employment sectors in the Canadian economy. A career pathway in the environment is rich in opportunity. Perhaps too rich – the environmental sector is currently facing a labour shortage. That is very scary! Just when our society is taking the health of our ecosystems seriously – no one is available to do the job.

No one, that was, until you chose SATEC and the Specialized High Skills Major program in the environment!


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Program Requirements

a) SHSM – Environment : Course Options 

Environment Courses


b) Seven Environment Industry Recognized Certifications: 

  • 4 Mandatory Certifications: Standard First Aid, WHMIS, CPR Level A, GPS
  • 3 Elective Certifications: GIS, Leadership, Tree Identification, Map & Compass, AED, Leave No Trace, Stream Assessment Protocol, Wilderness First Aid, Canoeing and more!


c) Two Reach-Ahead experiences in the environment industry that may include:

  • Interviewing an employee or university/college student in the environment field
  • Attending a university/college class or conference in the environment field
  • Completing a dual credit course (THN4T1)


d) Experiential Learning & Career Exploration:

Including career exploration, work experience or job shadowing. 


e) One Sector Partner Contextualized Experience (SPCE):

It could be coding, Mathematical Learning Activities or Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship (ICE) Activities


SHSM – Environment: Benefits

Upon successful completion of the SHSM: Environment, students will earn a Specialized Ontario Secondary School Diploma, an enhanced transcript, industry recognized certifications, a great item for your resume, potential employer contacts and specialized knowledge and experience in your field of interest.

(some of the information on this page is from http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/morestudentsuccess/sector/environment.html).