Media Arts

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The Media Arts program allows students to express their creativity through digital arts.  Students learn about the impact of media in their everyday lives, explore and create a variety of art forms such as short film, digital photography, traditional and digital animations, interactive art, graphic design projects and 2D/ 3D character design. In addition to developing the skills necessary to create and interpret media artworks, students acquire leadership, communication and problem solving skills that are transferable beyond the classroom. 
Focus is placed on critical thinking skills, process work & portfolio building. 

Enrichment activities include:

  • Participation in SATEC' s annual short film festival 
  • Animation, design and/or film workshops
  • Cross curricular units of study 
  • Excursions to OCAD University's Annual Graduation Exhibition & The Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Participation in Ontario Skills competitions
  • Participation in Arts Week exhibitions, interactive art demonstrations and student art sales


Grade 12 Media Arts: Interactive Art Unit

Circuitry & Coding- Design & Construction- Interactivity 





Grade 11 Media Arts: Animation Unit 

Original character design, storyboarding, Adobe Animate CC, Adobe Spark

1-miny turtle