Performing Arts

Performing Arts


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Dance   ATC 1O/2O/3M/4M

This program emphasizes the development of students’ artistry, improvisational and compositional skills, and technical proficiency in dance genres from around the world. Students will apply dance elements, techniques, and tools in a variety of ways, including performance situations; describe and model responsible practices related to the dance environment; and reflect on how the study of dance affects personal and artistic development.


Drama   ADA 1O/2O/3M/4M

The core of our Dramatic Arts program is a balance of I and we.  Drama students become a team. They learn a sense of responsibility to both self and the collective. Through the performing Arts and the creative process, they explore very complex societal issues. They learn to express themselves, to grow as artists,and to inspire others through their creations. Acting technique, voice training, production, cultural dance, choreography, mask, scene studies, monologue, theatre history, world theatre, directing, and script writing are some of the many topics explored in our program. Transferable skills students gain from studying Drama are improved communication skills (verbal and nonverbal); confidence building; responsibility, discipline, and focus; ability to effectively give and receive constructive criticism;memorization and improvisation; active and physical training and an awareness of physicality such as posture; safe exploration and discussion of issues; risk taking in role; methods of handling stress; self expression,problem solving, negotiating collectively, appreciating and recognizing the contributions of others; developing empathy; viewing things analytically; and a lifelong love of the Arts.


Music   AMU 1O/2O/3M/4M (Traditional & Digital Music) 

The Music program enables students to express their creativity through singing, instruments and the use of digital music software and recording technology in a Music Lab equipped with MIDI keyboard synthesizers, guitars, virtual drums andand a soundproof voice recording studio.




Enrichment activities include:

  • Excursions to musical, theater and dance performances
  • Workshops with guest artists, dancers and performers
  • Cross curricular units of study in the Arts
  • Participation in Arts Week activities and performances
  • Participation in TDSB Creates mentor artists program and competitions