Visual Arts & Focus Courses

Visual Art & Focus Art Courses


Visual Arts: AVI  2O/3M/4M  

The Visual Arts program at SATEC offers students a chance to explore their creative problem solving skills. Students are encouraged to expand their notion of what art is through projects that engage them on many different levels. The courses are balanced to provide students with a wide range of experiences with a variety of media. Students gain digital technology skills that compliment hands on technical skills. Whether creating a digital animation project, or an oil painting, students gain confidence, teamwork experience, and the ability to craft thoughtful and provoking messages about the world we live in.






Visual Art:  Digital Media   AWS 1O

This foundation art focus course explores the fundamentals of art theory and artmaking through the use of digital media including the use of Adobe Creative Cloud software, Wacom tablets, digital photography and animation. 


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Visual Art: Digital Photography   AWQ 3M/4M 

This art focus program fosters a student’s creativity through the medium of digital photography. Students combine technical skills with personal creativity. Photography students explore the creative features of their digital camera, learn about composition, lighting, digital photo editing techniques, careers in photography and the history of photography. All students will have access to professional level studio equipment, DSLR and/or hybrid cameras in combination with the use of Adobe Creative Suite software in our Windows computer lab.


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Visual Art: Expressions of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Cultures    NAC 1O

This course explores various First Nations, Métis, and Inuit art forms (media arts, music, dance, drama, storytelling, visual art, installation and performance art, clothing design, and architectural design), giving students the opportunity to create, present, and analyse integrated artworks inspired by First Nations, Métis, and Inuit perspectives.