English and ESL

English and ESL Department

Welcome to your English and ESL department!

Whether it's through our JETS curriculum in Grade 9-10 or our Creative Writing and Literature Studies courses in Grade 11-12, our students take their reading and writing to their personal best.

English Student


Here's what to expect:

  • A safe environment built on inclusivity
  • A curated diversity of traditional, modern, local, and global literature 
  • Descriptive feedback at each stage of your learning
  • Multiple and differentiated opportunities to demonstrate your understanding
  • A culture of high expectations in which grow your skills


Our teachers:

And our Department Head is Hugh Chamberlain (hugh.chamberlain@tdsb.on.ca).  Please contact him if you have any questions about our program.

English Student


Our courses:


  • ESLA through to ESLE
  • ENG1D through to ENG4U, including ENG3C and ENG4C
  • EWC4C/U (Writer's Craft), ETS4U/C (Studies in Literature)


Our recommendations: