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Students, you can choose to meet by phone, by Zoom/Google Meets or in-person; however, in order to adhere to COVID protocols, in-person meetings take place in a walk and talk format in or outside the building depending on weather.
Here are the steps to make an appointment:
1. Email your guidance counsellor to request an appointment. In your email indicate:


  • your preferred appointment format - phone (provide your phone number), zoom or in-person walk and talk 
  • 2 to 3 dates/times that will work for you

2. Counsellors will send you an appointment confirmation. Your teacher will be copied as well so that you can be released from class for the meeting with your counsellor.  




  • Appointments with guidance counsellors take place during the instructional day.
  • If you chose the phone or zoom option and you are an in-person student, please ensure you have your device with you on the day of your appointment. As well, you will be required to step out of the classroom to 'meet' with your guidance counsellor by phone/zoom.



Guidance Counsellors:

According to student         Counsellor                       Email address

last name

A to G and Z                         Mr. Marino                

H to N                                   Ms. Noble                 

O to Y                                   Ms. McVannell          

Guidance Secretary: Ms. Woodside

Please contact Ms. Woodside at for requests for transcripts, credit counselling summaries and other school related documents.