Secondary Alternative Schools

What are Alternative Schools?


There are 21 Secondary Alternative Schools in the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). Alternative schools offer students something different from mainstream schooling. Each alternative school is unique, with a distinct identity and approach to curriculum delivery. Secondary Alternative Schools, featured here, offer a small school setting, a commitment to serving the needs of the students through curriculum, personalized education, and student supports for mental health and well being, social, emotional, and nutritional needs. Many of the Secondary Alternative Schools are located along the transit lines. They are located across the City of Toronto and many of our students travel great distances to reach their preferred school. Many of the schools have continuous intake, meaning you can enrol at any time during the year. Applications can be made to any school by contacting the school directly. Visit the Best Choice for You page to find a school that meets your needs. Visit the school's website for more information or call them.Begin your journey to success today. We welcome your presence!

Pervasive Caring


We know that learning is easier when you feel like you belong and are supported by caring adults. That's why our schools offer a small school setting and engaging and relevant curriculum with the goal of personalized learning. In Alternative Schools, you are learning alongside learners like you. Our teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach. They are passionate about ensuring the learners in our school achieve to their fullest capacity. Most importantly, they care about you and your needs. In our schools, you form relationships that matter in your learning. We know that when you feel good, you learn well, you succeed.

Students First Curriculum


Are you a learner that needs more individualized, personalized education? Do you feel anxious or stressed in large school settings? Are you academically capable but need teachers to help you find your strengths to move you to the next level? Students of all skill and ability levels attend alternative schools. We offer courses in arts, maths, sciences, social sciences to help students prepare well for the future. We help you grow from where you are now and build your skill level, help you recover credits you may have attempted before and help get you to your end goal: graduation, work, college, university ... as you choose.

Holistic Supports


In our small settings, you have an opportunity to get to know all of the students as well as the adults. Our staff create strong relationships with students to ensure we understand and can support your needs. Most of our schools have Child & Youth Counsellors/Workers, as well as Itinerant Special Education Resource Teachers to support both your social emotional and academic needs. TDSB school Social Workers and Psychologists provide support as part of our School Support Teams. We provide excellent nutrition programs, bus tickets, and community agency connections to support your needs.


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Feel like we are the right option for you?


Take a look at the choices available throughout the Secondary Alternative Schools and contact them directly or check out their websites. You can request a tour or attend an Open House.


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