SEE 2015-2016

Welcome to SEE!


** We are still accepting students for Semester 2! Contact us for an interview. **

Current students say SEE School is...


- amazing
- where I can make mistakes
- a group of exceptional people
- home
- my happy place
- where I can be ME


SEE School has been a site of alternative education in Etobicoke for over 40 years. This year our four teachers are offering the following:

  • Supportive and interesting classroom learning
  • Grade 9 &10 applied and academic level credits and grade 11 & 12 open, college, and university level credits
  • Exciting and relevant classes such as earth and space science, philosophy, politics, drama, and arts
  • A 2-credit co-op program in Semester 2
  • Student spaces to meet, relax, and learn together
  • A free, student-run lunch program
  • Approachable teachers

If this sounds interesting or you have more questions about our school, please contact us!

You may also want to check out the Alt9 webpage and our school video.

SEE Manifesto

Founders of SEE, 1976
SEE teachers and founder, Barry Duncan, 1976

Since 1971 SEE School has been challenging students to think about school and education in new ways.

We value and foster the development of
  • self-discovery
  • open dialogue
  • conflict resolution
  • self-reliance
  • maturity
  • self-governance
  • self-expression
  • collaboration
Staff and students are expected to participate fully in all aspects of the SEE experience. This includes field trips, town hall meetings, and class discussions. Excursions and guest speakers are an integral part of our academic program. We continually strive to engage students in our local and global community, both as witnesses and participants.

2011 40th anniversary
SEE alumni, 40th anniversary, 2011.