Coop Information

COOP @ SEE School: Work and Earn High School Credits!

Co-operative education offers students an opportunity to earn high school credits through a course that integrates classroom theory with learning experiences in a workplace. Students apply and further develop skills related to a high school course and career area of choice.  At SEE School, students can get help to get PAID job placements and unpaid Coop placements to earn employment skills!


Why consider Co-op?

Students learn about themselves, the expectations of the world of work, and the realities of a profession while developing the work habits, attitudes, and job skills necessary for a successful transition from secondary school to post-secondary education or the workplace.

  • An opportunity to earn academic credits while exploring career and education choices
  • Earn credits towards your diploma
  • Make more informed education and career planning choices
  • Gain a competitive edge in more constrained economic times
  • Move more confidently into post-secondary education or the world of work
  • Gain valuable related experience as required for some post-secondary programs
  • Choose OYAP (Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program) as part of a skilled trade and have The Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities pay for your tuition for a registered apprenticeship.


How does it Work?

Co-op placements are available in a broad range of sectors including:

Health and Life Sciences
Performing and Visual Arts
Social and Community Services
Skilled Trades
Child Education
Culinary Arts
Computer Engineering
and more…

Placements are located and assessed by the Co-op teacher.

All placements are screened for providing real work experience in a safe learning environment free from discrimination and harassment, following safe practices, and providing supervised learning experiences.
Students are regularly monitored by their co-op teacher and have a Personalized Placement Learning Plan developed by all parties: teacher, supervisor, and student.


Who can apply?

 Co-op is available to any student with interest and commitment to exploring a career area of choice. It is open to students studying at the essential, college, or university level with a variety of post-secondary destinations: college, apprenticeship, university, or direct entry into the workplace. Although a student can apply in any grade, it is recommended that students be in grade 11 or 12 or as chosen by some, after earning a graduation diploma and before moving to post-secondary learning.


For more information, visit the TDSB website for Experiential Learning