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About Us

Students and staff members of Silverthorn Collegiate are highly focused and enthusiastic about the arts! We provide instruction in Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Media Studies, Music and Photography. The Silverthorn Arts Programs provides various activities, studies, programs and workshops as highlighted below:

  • Annual Arts Showcase featuring visual arts, photography, dance and drama
  • Partnership with Arts-Etobicoke
  • Annual participation in OCAD workshops
  • Participation in ‘Dare 2 Create’ & ‘Dare 2 Dance’
  • School drama/musical productions
  • Sound & lighting, stage management, costume and set design crew trained by industry professionals
  • Participation in music festivals, competitions and performances in the community
  • Annual participation in the Ontario Drama Festival

Our Technology Infrastructure is extensive. Silverthorn is equipped with the following:

  • WiFi throughout the entire school
  • 11 computer labs with over 350 instructional computers & access to over 60 educational software titles
  • A fully equipped Television Production Studio
  • An Auto Shop with 3 hoists that service the community
  • A Manufacturing and Wood Shop
  • A Robotics Lab
  • A Computer Networking facility

We strive to offer a digital environment that extends communication and collaboration beyond the classroom. This is achieved through our integration of online classrooms (Google classroom and Brightspace) and web based applications (Google Suite) that offer an engaging approach to learning.

Our High Performer Program is an academic program for students who are elite athletes involved in regional, provincial, national or international competition.

We offer students with intense training schedules, the opportunity for a more flexible timetable in order to balance their out of school commitments, so that they may strive for both academic and athletic excellence. Features & Benefits of the Program include:

  • Open to students outside of TDSB school boundaries
  • Semestered timetable offered to students in grades 9 to 12
  • Customized courses with flexible timetables
  • A dynamic and supportive learning environment
  • Alternative course options (E-Learning & ILC)
  • Support with Advanced Placement (AP) Exams
  • NCAA College Board (PSAT/SAT/ACT) support
  • Access to community mentors and motivational workshops
  • Convenient access to training facilities

Extensive Athletics

Our extensive athletic program provides an enriching and rewarding experience for everyone. We offer both intramural sports and intercollegiate sports teams. Our intramural sports are offered during the lunch period and are open to all Silverthorn students, regardless of level of ability.

Intramural sports include: badminton, basketball, floor hockey, soccer, volleyball, and our weight room – with two days a week for girls’ only. As is Spartan tradition, we offer a variety of intercollegiate sports to compete at championship levels within Toronto and Ontario! Our proud Silverthorn intercollegiate athletic teams include:

  • Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton, Cross-Country, Track and Field, Tennis, Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, and Skiing.

Opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and attributes are plentiful at Silverthorn. Our SAC (Students Activity Council), SAA (Spartan Athletic Association), Social Justice, and Equity Committee all provide experiences for students to improve their planning, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Further, our senior student leaders take on key roles in special events such as grade 8 student visits and our four day grade 9 orientation program “Head Start to High School”.

Grade 10 students attend a four-day trip to Camp Manitou in Muskoka. Here, our students make important connections with peers and teachers through new experiences which facilitate personal growth in a safe, supportive environment.  With a comprehensive year-long training program, one hundred grade 11 and 12 student-leaders, plan and run the camp. Manitou shapes the school community and provides a foundation for our students to develop self-esteem and confidence.

A great way for our students to be engaged in school is to be part of school life outside the classroom. We offer a wide variety of clubs, activities and sports. Taking part in a co-curricular activity allows our students to develop their interests while contributing positively to the greater school community. Co-curricular activities take place before school, at lunch and after school and are supervised by a staff member who shares the passion of its members.

Our SCI Clubs include: Art & Photography, Library Council, Business Club (DECA), Chess Club, Dance Club, Dungeons & Dragons, Knitting Club, Math Counts Club, Music Club, Prefects, Prom Committee, Relay For Life, S. A. A. – Spartan Athletic Association, S.E.P.A. – Silverthorn Environmental Protection Agency, Silverthorn Debate Society, Social Justice, Sound & Lighting, Student Activity Council and Yearbook Club.

We value good character and we use our character Education program, along with positive messages in our classes, to encourage character building. Using the school athletic symbol of the Spartan, we have identified a set of values using “SPARTANS” as our acronym to recognize those characteristics which we want to develop in our students. Each month an attribute is presented to our students in a variety of ways, including announcements, meaningful quotations, posters, and special events. School wide assemblies are also used to share information about healthy teen relationships, anti-bullying strategies, school safety, and cyber safety. The aim of presentations such as these is to educate and equip our students with the tools and resources they need to make informed and healthy choices in school and in life.