Biodiversity Themed Books

Wold island

Wolf Island

by Celia Godkin
Wolf Island is the story of a wolf pack that leaves their island home. Students find out what happens to all the other animals and plants when the wolves suddenly head to the mainland. A great introduction to biodiversity and the importance of all animals in our natural world.
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Salmon forest

Salmon Forest

by David Suzuki (Author), Sarah Ellis (Author), Sheena Lott (Author)
An excellent introduction to biodiversity and the importance of every living thing within our natural world. This book goes further than Wolf Island making a stronger connection between the forest and the animals. It also connects nicely to humans and our food.
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Tree of life

Tree of Life

by Rochelle Strauss (Author) and Margot Thompson (Illustrator)
A basic introduction to the scientific terms of biodiversity and more. A good book for a research project with your students. PLUS a great book for your students to leaf through in the classroom. They will learn about the 5 kingdoms and facts for a number of species in each kingdom. Magnificent illustrations!
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Biodiversity Themed Resources

Are your students hopping mad with excitement after studying the biodiversity in our pond? Do you want to bring the rich outdoor experience from SOES back to the city with you to create a greater connection between your students and their natural world around them? If so, take a look at the resources below. They all relate to a biodiversity theme!
  • Fact Sheet on Biodiversity for Sustainable Development - Combine biodiversity with social justice issues as part of the United Nations decade on biodiversity. This year the theme is biodiversity for sustainable development 
  • Invasive Species A Biodiversity Challenge - Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF) has developed wonderful curriculum connected activities through their resources4rethinking project. This resource looks at invasive species and biodiversity.
  • Step Outside - A list of events for each season published by LSF 2-3 times per month that give details of flora, fauna and climate events that are happening around you. Use as a guide in your classroom.
  • A Biodiversity Primer - Learn more about the biodiversity in Ontario. A very detailed resource.
  • Biodiversity Related Education Programs and Resources - A compilation of resources and activities related to biodiversity.
  • Support and Promote Biodiversity - Get details on what you could do to promote biodiversity around you. There’s even funding available to do it.
  • Get Outside with TOES - A group of lessons provided by the Toronto Outdoor Education Schools (TOES) to help teachers take their students outside. Starting May and available anytime. 

A snake in a hand

Porcupine in a tree