Mr. (Chris) Higgins Teaches

- Library/IT to Grades 3-6

- English to Grade 8

Information on the Teaching Duties of Mr. Higgins

- Grade 3 classes have Mr. Higgins for a one-hour period per week; half of this time is devoted to IT, the other half to Library, i.e. book exchange and Library interaction

- Grade 4 classes have Mr. Higgins for a 1/2 hour period, and an additional 1-hour period

- The 1/2 period is for Library

- The 1 hour period covers IT, i.e. Media Literacy, Research, Internet Safety

Grade 8 English

- Team planning and teaching with Ms. Legacy and Ms. Scott

- Student work is collated within their digital portfolios; they can be accessed through student accounts on Academic Workspace 

Other Roles

- Coaching - Volleyball, Soccer

- Media Club - grade 7-8

- Webmaster

- IT Committee

- Boys' Club with Mr. Soble