Staff and Classes

Office Staff

Principal  Chris Hoisak   
Office-Administrator  TBD


Caretaking Staff

Chief Caretaker TBD   
Evening Caretaker Renator Garcia              

Classroom Teachers

Alicia Ball     
Vanessa Tudos     
Andrea Mourad  
Wency De Sousa     
Kathryn Spirou
Lisa Montgomery
Min Jeung     
Johnathon Rands     
Vanita Persaud
Ray Mirshahi     
Florence Chan
Anne Marie Butters     
Edith Lai
Karen Boulos
Gisha Oommen


Support and Programs

French Vanita Persaud     
ESL & Dance Florence Chan    
Music     Edith Lai    
Special Education Resource Teacher    Anne Marie Butters 
Library     Karen Boulos    
Computers Ray Mirshahi


Early Childhood Educators

Early Childhood Educator (JK/SK)     Ashiya Shaikh  
Early Childhood Educator (JK/SK)      Megha Sahijwani


Educational Assistants

Special Needs Assistant (AM)        Kathy Viapiana     
Special Education Assistant (PM)  Nirupa Rajalathan


Lunchroom Supervisors

Delores Small           
Lubna Khan              
Seema Mirza              
Ming Lei                   
Josie Scorsis       

Nutrition Coordinator

Lubna Khan