Timberbank is ON T.R.A.C.K!

T – Teamwork and Trust
R – Respect and Responsibility
A – Attitude and Achievement
C – Cooperation, Courtesy and Commitment
K – Kindness and Keeping safe

ON T.R.A.C.K Students: 


Staying “On T.R.A.C.K.”
At Timberbank, we believe in having our students stay on track. This recognition program raises
awareness of each student’s contribution to personal and social responsibility. Our staff and students
focus on character development, highlighting the positive contributions and actions of all members of
the Timberbank School Community. Through our regular assemblies these qualities of character will
be recognized and honoured.
Congratulations to the following students who were recognized for their
"RESPECT & RESPONSIBILITY” at our On TRACK" assembly on September 28th:
Mr. O'Connor's class – Phavieran, Laura, Nazaneen, Alaa, Shirley, Arusan
Ms. Boulos/Ms. Lai’s class – Michael, Olivia, Isabel, Alessia
Ms. Lam's class – Katerina, Elisha, Ankit, Aswhinaa, Matthew
Ms. Persaud/Mr. Mirshahi’s class – Max, Katie, Farhan, Daniel, Alexis
Mrs. Spirou’s class – Morsal, Justin, Brian, Mariam
Mr. Rand’s class — Maliya, Brighton, Farah, S.S.
Mrs. De Sousa’s class – Brianna, O’Marlin, Saaheshan, Eddison
Mrs. Mourad’s class – Eloise, Avery, Aahana, Hailang
Mrs. Tudos’/Mrs. Shaikh’s class – Mingle, Chandler, Alina, Arina, Jarvia
Mrs. Jeung’s/Ms. Ma's class – Tina, Stavros, Juliana, Vicky
Mrs. Ball’s Class — Carter, Muhammad, Madhura