Guidance Services

Some of the many services that we provide to assist in the cultivation of student success are:
  1. Promoting Health and Wellness of Students
  2. Aiding Personal and Social Concerns/Development
    1. Confidential individual counselling relating to issues a student may be encountering inside or outside school.
    2. Referral to our internal support staff (ex. CYW, Social Worker, Settlement Workers) or to outside community agencies.
    3. ICARE box – an anonymous outlet for students to express a concern about themselves or others to a counsellor.
    4. Education about and referral to alternative programs/schools that may suit student based on unique needs.
    5. Volunteer and job opportunities through announcements, newsletter, postings, and compilation binders.
  3. Assisting with Educational Planning
    1. Awareness of O.S.S.D and post secondary requirements.
    2. Course selection and timetable changes.
    3. Credit courses available outside of regular day school – night school, summer school, and virtual school options.
    4. Peer tutoring through our comprehensive after-school program.
    5. Up-to-date post secondary prospects – including out-of-Ontario.
    6. Financial aid resources – scholarships, loans, and bursaries.
  4. Supporting Career Planning/Provision of Career Information
    1. Compulsory Careers credit course in Gr.10 through workshops on Personality Dimensions and myBlueprint Educational Planner.
    2. Interest inventories to allow students to discover possible destinations appropriate to their passions.
    3. Referral to computer programs (ex. Career Cruising) that allow for Career exploration.
    4. Reference materials in the Guidance Reception Area and soon-to-be revamped Career Centre.
    5. Students are encouraged to visit their assigned Counsellor by booking a time in the appointment book available in the Guidance reception area. Upon completion of an appointment, a student will receive an admit slip to return to class. Counsellors are also available on a drop-in basis before and after school, as well as during lunch time.Parents are urged to maintain contact also, and may make an appointment or speak with individual Counsellors by calling our main number below.