Grade 9 IB Preparatory Programme Entrance Process

The application process has three (3) requirements:

  • Students must write an entrance test,
  • submit copies of Grade 7 final and Grade 8 interim report cards, and
  • submit an Optional Attendance Form – required for ALL applicants (signed by student’s current principal or designate).

Test Registration & Test Dates

Test Registration Date: November 2019

On-line registration will be posted on our website in November.

Test Date: Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Entrance Test Details

Our Entrance Test is based on the Grade 7/8 Ontario Curriculum.

Please see the following links for more information:



Test Length: TBD

Materials Required:

  • A calculator (non-programmable, and non-graphing calculator)
  • Non-mechanical pencil, pen, and eraser

No other items, with the exception of water bottles, will be permitted in the test rooms. If possible, please leave cell phones at home.

Test Subjects: Math, French, and English


Format: Multiple Choice

  • This portion of the test is similar to a Gauss test
  • Please visit the CEMC site for appropriate practice tests.


Format: Multiple Choice

  • Part A: short sight passage and questions
  • Part B: choose the correct phrase
    • This portion of the test is designed to assess basic grammar and knowledge of common phrases. Students will not be expected to complete rote grammatical exercises. There is also no expectation that students be fluent.


Format: Multiple Choice & Written Response

  • Part A: short sight passage and questions
  • Part B: paragraph response
    • The paragraph should address “Why I am right for the IB programme and why it is right for me.”
    • Applicants should read the information about the IB Learner Profile and the IB Diploma Programme to see what qualities are fostered in IB and the overall aims of the IB Programme.
    • The paragraph must address at least one (1) IB Learner Profile attribute.

Students are expected to achieve a minimum of 70% in all categories of the test, demonstrating “at grade level” results.

Report Cards

All applicants must submit photocopies of their Grade 7 final and Grade 8 interim report cards, including all pages and subjects, at the time of their entrance test. 

  • It is expected that applicants will have achieved 80% or higher (Level 4) in all core subjects in Grade 7
  • Grade 8 interim report cards will predominantly show “Progressing Very Well”
  • Learning Skills on both report cards should be at “Excellent” level

*Please note that report card copies will not be returned.

**We are aware that students currently attending schools outside of the TDSB will not be able to submit the Grade 8 interim report card until a late date. Please submit a copy of the report when it becomes available.

Admission Interviews

Due to the changes to the entrance test, admission interviews are no longer required.

Admission Results

The results of the test, together with the report cards, will be used to determine eligibility for the IB Preparatory Programme.

In keeping with the TDSB admissions policy, all applicants will be notified of their results by email in early February 2020.