Celebrity Trainer on the Hill!

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As a celebrity fitness trainer and international development worker, Ramona Braganza brought a message of wellness for the body, mind and spirit to students at West Hill CI.

Students got moving by taking part in her fitness training program. They were also motivated by her message of putting your best foot forward every day in order to achieve your goal – and once you reach it set another! Her leadership skills, life experience and philosophy of “wellness for the mind, fitness for the body and peace for the spirit” inspired students.

Grade 11 student Mithurna Mylalagan came away with a message of confidence and strength. “As a girl of colour it’s truly motivating to see that someone else, with similar experiences as me, is making such a big impact on others. Not only is she helping those in Canada, but she’s spreading her love and wisdom to anyone she comes across around the world, not hesitating a bit.”

Raised in Brockville, Ontario, Braganza is the daughter of Indian immigrants. She overcame bullying in her community and thrived in school as well as in competitive gymnastics. After high school, she moved to Los Angeles where she became a cheerleader for the LA Raiders and a fitness trainer to celebrities including Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, and Tom Welling.

Today, Braganza is also working with a charitable organization in Mumbai, India which supports young women to overcome homelessness by building career skills. She will be there this month to assist the first six graduates of her program to secure work in the field of fitness and well-being. 

Braganza’s visit was particularly meaningful at this time of year. On October 17, TDSB marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, a day dedicated to ending extreme poverty and creating a sustainable future for all. At the request of West Hill students, Braganza has also promised to come back and share more perspectives on her work at home and abroad.

Best Buddies Program

Join the Best Buddies program at West Hill CI! As a Best Buddy, you can work with our DD students, have a blast, and get community hours. Best Buddies are welcome to come on any day to socialize with our students. This includes lunchtime, or a spare for senior students. Please see the dates for activities below. If you have any questions please see Ms. Brown in Rm 139 or Ms. Sahadath in Rm. 138.

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"Coyotes" on the field?


We have had a goose problem. Our field was too much of a "home away from home" for several dozen Canada geese. In order to persuade the geese to find a new home, Mr. Little and some of his construction technology students devised these clever coyotes. Fingers crossed, but our flying friends seem to have found a better spot. Perhaps warmer? We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, all the phys ed students and teachers and coaches who use the field appreciate this!

Post-Secondary Night @ WH!

Grade 11 & 12 students, and parents and guardians... you are all invited!

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- Learn more about programs, course requirements, admissions, and school life

- Speak with representatives from over 18 colleges and universities 

- Learn how to finance your post-secondary education

- Get your questions answered about specific schools and programs

Electronic Agenda - My School Day

my school day app

West Hill CI uses a paperless agenda. To access the West Hill App, go to the App Store and type in “My School Day” and download the app to your smart device. Once downloaded, just open it up and follow the simple instruction on your screen to select the region (Ontario), school district (Toronto District School Board), and select school (West Hill C.I.). Once the school year starts you will be able to input your child’s timetable into the app to get notifications from teachers.

Applying to College

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What: How to apply to college using the Ontario College Application System (OCAS)

When: Oct. 29th, lunch (BYO)

Where: Library

Why: you've just been to post-secondary night and you want to know how to take all those amazing programs and apply!

Applying to University

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If you are planning on applying to University, this lunch 'n' learn is for you!

The session on November 7th starts at 11:30 in the library and you can bring your own lunch.

We will be distributing the PINs from the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) at the session if they have arrived. Please note, to apply to the OUAC, you MUST be in (or have taken) at least 6 courses at the 4U/4M level, one of which must be ENG4U.