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New Parent Page on West Prep's Library Web Site
Hopefully, many of you have had a chance to check out the West Prep SLIC Website that we have mentioned in previous newsletters. It has been updated again. There is now a new Parent Page on every schools' Library Web Site. At the top menu of the main page you will see the Parents' Resources Page. It has links to web sites on Internet safety, tutorials, government services and homework tips. So check it out at:

While you're there - why not make it your home Homepage!

Year Ten For West Prep's Silver Birch Reading Club!
We have had an overwhelming response to our Ontario Library Association's Silver Birch Reading Club. This year aver 100 students from grade 4 to 6 have signed up to read at least 5 books from at least one of the three book categories - Fiction, Non Fiction, and Express (combined F & NF) - during their free time, in order to vote in April for their favourite book in a category.

With such a large team we had to think about how we could use our 21st Century technology - the Web 2.0 - to get us all discussing the books in cyberspace. And so the West Prep Silver Birch Blog was created. We will use this blog to discuss the Silver Birch books nominated for 2008. Every book has its own post so students can add their own comments and be able to read other members' posts. So all Grade 4, 5 and 6 students may come to the library on Thursdays at lunch and all afternoon recesses to read, exchange and check out books, discuss books, make a poster or bookmark, blog or just hang out and feel part of a fabulous group of readers!

As if that wasn't exciting enough news - this year all the grade 3 students are members of the Silver Birch Express Club. The three classes come to the library each week to read with Ms. Worobec and read with their teachers in class to do a variety of language activities created by the teachers to address the curriculum expectations. They also will be able to use the West Prep Silver Birch Blog to share their own personal responses to the books they have read.

Go to the Silver Birch Blog -

No matter what the medium - literature, graphic novels, newspapers, magazines, online zines, and webpages - the act of reading itself is the key to linguistic improvement!!