Past Musicals

2017 Musical - Lion King

The 4th Annual


Lion King Jr.

Dear Parents,

We are excited to bring to you this year’s musical performance of The Lion King Jr. We have been working hard to learn our lines, songs and actions for this performance, in class and after school. There are many details we need to work out for each show and we appreciate your assistance and patience.

Both our junior lead actors and the primary classes have been divided into two casts (Cast A and Cast B) and students will perform  in TWO shows, an afternoon (4:00pm) and evening show (7:00pm). You have the opportunity to purchase tickets for each show with the attached order form.

If you have more than one child involved in the musical, please indicate this on the order form and list the children involved; we will make sure they are placed in the same cast so they are performing in the same shows. Cast assignment defaults to the eldest child’s cast.

Below you will find more details about which Cast your child’s class is in, the show times, and the ticket order forms.

Please note that West Prep students will have the chance to see the show during our dress rehearsals.

All the best,

Mr. Wilson, Ms. Worobec & Mrs. Wyatt



1) Find your Cast by room number and show times:



210, 214, 113, 116, 204, 217

213, 215, 207, 216, 201


  • Wednesday, April 26th at 4pm
  • Thursday, April 27th at 7pm


  • Tuesday, April 25th at 4pm
  • Wednesday, April 26th at 7pm


2) Confirm the dates and times and fill out the ticket order form (attached).

3) Return the order form with payment (cash or cheque) to your teacher. (Leads can bring their order to Mr. Wilson)

4) Tickets will be delivered a week before the show to the student listed on the order form. Keep them safe and bring them with you to the show!

5) Students looking for songs for home practice? Find all the resources you need online at under the Musicals/The Lion King Jr. menu.



  • Seating is determined by how early your order is placed.
  • Please note that every attempt will be made to assign your tickets consecutively.
  • Second orders may not be seated in the same location as the initial order.


Funds raised through ticket sales help to cover the costs of producing the show, including licence, lighting/sound equipment rental, backdrops, props, costumes. We couldn’t do what we do without your support, so thank you!

If you have any questions they may be directed to, or visit for more information.

Alice Jr. Performances

Videos now available of West Prep's 2016 musical, Alice Jr.

student musicalNow the four performances of Disney's Alice In Wonderland, Jr. are available for viewing at where they have been embedded from YouTube.

Congratulations to all the students for their hard work in preparing for the musical: the kindergarten painters, the primary singers, the junior classes that helped with the backdrop painting, and of course our wonderful junior cast of actors and singers who worked hard every Monday after school from October to April to bring the performance to life. There are also many teachers and staff volunteers without whom the musical would not run, especially my co-director Ms. Worobec and stage manager Mrs. Wyatt.

To those students in grades 4-6 next year (our now 3-5s) please be aware that you must be available to rehearse after school on Mondays to participate in the musical cast; and no we don't know which musical we will perform yet.... :)  Please be aware of conflicts you have on Mondays and resolve them before auditioning. Auditions will be announced next year in the fall.

Rehearsing for six months is not easy, as I'm sure this year's cast would agree, but with the proper commitment it is an experience like none other at West Prep that will stay with you for years to come.

Looking forward to next year!

Mr. Wilson


Nov. 30 2015

Alice In Wonderland Jr. (2016)

Parent’s please sign up to the 2015-2016 musical email list to stay informed about how you can support our musical


Welcome Cast Members!
Welcome and congratulations on your successful audition!

As a member of this year’s musical cast you are about to embark on a fantastical journey into the rabbit hole in the classic tale of Alice In Wonderland.

We are looking forward to working with you. At rehearsals you will learn and practise the dialogue, music and lyrics, and stage directions that will lead to dynamic performances for every cast member. 

What is expected from the cast members?
All cast members are expected to fully participate in all rehearsals. This means arriving on time and giving your undivided attention to the directors and your fellow cast members as we all rehearse.

At home you must become familiar with the whole script, know the story and your character’s role within it. Part of this process is memorizing any lines you may have, the lyrics to the songs and any stage directions given at rehearsals. 

How can parents help?
Reading through the script at home is an essential part of the learning process. Your parents can help by reading the other characters’ lines in your scenes. This will cue you to know when to speak your lines.

Parents can also help by giving reminders about upcoming rehearsals and reviewing with you what was done in each rehearsal, and helping you mark the rehearsals in your school agenda and family calendar. The rehearsals are listed below, and the calendar can always be found on the West Prep calendar:

There are also many opportunities for parents to help by volunteering. The WP Parent Council has designated someone the role of volunteer coordinator who will contact you by email shortly about the ways you could volunteer your time and expertise. 

Tips For Rehearsing & Memorizing Script
Each cast member will receive a Student Book. This book contains the script and songs from the entire show. You should use this book to write notes (in pencil) about staging and other directions you may receive during rehearsals. You must always bring your Student Book to rehearsals.

This book also has great ideas to help make your rehearsals go smoothly, and to make memorizing your lines easier. Other ideas will be posted throughout the year on

Questions? Email


Alice In Wonderland


West Prep's 2016 Musical:
Disney’s Alice In Wonderland Jr.


Friday, October 2

Calling all Junior students!

We’re excited to announce that auditions for this year’s musical, Disney’s Alice In Wonderland Jr., will begin on Monday, October 19. This is the 3rd annual musical at West Prep, and as we have seen in the past the experience of acting and singing in a musical is second to none for our Junior students.

Getting a role in the musical is a BIG DEAL

The musical is a really big commitment for a grade 4, 5 or 6 student. Because of that fact, we need the support of our parents to encourage, remind and assist students so that they can be successful in their efforts to become part of this amazing creative team.

5 things you need to know if you get a role:

  1. Successful auditioners will be offered a role. It may not be what you wanted, but if you turn it down there are no guarantees that you will be offered a different or ‘better’ role.
  2. Your role could change. During the course of the first few weeks, adjustments may be made that effect which character you play.
  3. Every role matters.
  4. There is no cost.
  5. You must be able to attend rehearsals and both of your performances. Our regular rehearsals are Mondays after school from 3:30-5:30. There are about 20 regular rehearsals from October to April. Then there are 4 special rehearsals in the two weeks before the show and you can not miss them. If you miss any of these rehearsals you will be replaced by your understudy for one or both of the performances. (See schedule)

APRIL 2016 - Alice In Wonderland Cast Schedule
















Run-through Cast A




Run-through Cast B




Tech 1 Cast A




Tech 2 Cast B



Dress Cast A



Dress Cast B
















Please check your schedule against these 2 weeks in April. Please do not audition if you are unable to make these extra rehearsals and shows.

How do you audition?
You will read lines from the script, sing, and participate in drama games.

On Monday, October 5th at 3:30pm after school, those who wish to audition should come to the library to meet and pick up their audition package. This will include a script and the score for a song which we will sing through at that time.

Two weeks later, on Monday, October 19th and October 26th, auditions will be held in the gym from 3:30-5:30pm. Selections will be made after the second audition, and posted outside the Library.

First Rehearsal and Parent Meeting - Monday November 2
The following Monday - November 2 - those willing to commit to the musical will attend the first rehearsal as usual at 3:30pm in the gym.


A parent or guardian MUST attend this information session in the last half hour of the rehearsal (5:00-5:30) to receive the musical information package and sign the commitment form.


The Musical Team


Please email Mr Wilson at