Guidance / Student Services

 Counsellor  Surnames   Paraprofessional   
 Ms. Zuccarelli   A - J     Ms. Nartey  Child & Youth Worker 
 Ms. Faraj  K - Sa (Semester 1)     Ms. Thomas  Social Worker 
 Ms. Dabovic  K - Sa (Semester 2)    Ms. Singh  Public Health Nurse
 Ms. Dabas  Se - Z    Ms. Ahmed  Settlement Worker

Career Counselling

Students may meet with their counsellor to discuss careers and career opportunities. The Guidance Department supports career education in the school through:
1. Grade 10 Career Studies course;
2. Post-secondary (college and university) information events;
3. Cooperative Education and Coop Fair
4. Speakers and presentations on careers and employment opportunities

Educational Counselling

Students may meet with their counsellor to discuss their high school program, diploma requirements, prerequisites and post-secondary educational opportunities.

Students experiencing academic difficulties should take advantage of various free tutoring opportunities which may include the following:
1. Individual subject teacher tutoring
2. Continuing education after school math tutoring (check Math Dept.)
3. Wednesday after school tutoring at Humber College

Information regarding post-secondary information, presentations and applications is disseminated to all grade 12 students via homeroom in print format, oral announcements, posted announcements and Academic Workspace. Important dates are also noted in the school agenda. Students have the opportunity to attend university and college fairs and various post-secondary school visits to WHCI. All students are encouraged to view the Guidance bulletin boards which highlight information on post-secondary events, scholarships, jobs, volunteering, apprenticeship and community supports.

Personal Counselling

Students experiencing personal and/or emotional problems may meet with a counsellor to discuss their issues and concerns. Students with serious difficulties may be referred to the school Child and Youth worker, social worker or school psychologist.

Personal concerns may include:
1. death of a family member
2. bullying
3. conflict with family/peer/staff
4. mental illness (depression, eating disorder)
5. abuse (substance, physical, sexual)
6. economic concerns
7. health (serious illness, STD's, contraception)

Students may wish to access Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868 or for free, anonymous, non-judgmental and confidential counselling with a trained professional.

Health Services

The public health nurse is available at WHCI by referral through your guidance counsellor. The nurse can be consulted on a variety of topics from general interest to substance abuse, mental illness and stress management, diseases, nutrition, and sexuality. Other times one can phone the AIDS and Sexual Health Info Line at 416-392-2437.