Repairs & Construction Updates

December 8, 2022 – Please see the latest update on construction and repairs at Wilmington ES that was shared at the town hall meeting on December 8, 2022.


October 21, 2022 – All interior demolition and removal of affected areas is now complete. Asbestos abatement of the affected construction areas is also complete. Mechanical, electrical and sprinkler construction is currently in progress.


October 6, 2022 – The demolition and removal of old mechanical equipment is complete. Mechanical equipment has been ordered. Mechanical and Electrical construction is in progress. Asbestos abatement of affected construction areas will be completed by October 10.


August 26, 2022 – The contractor for the restoration has been selected and work is currently underway. As part of the restoration, the water main that caused the flooding will be re-routed outside to ensure that this issue does not happen again. In addition, all of the mechanical, electrical and structural damage will be repaired and upgraded (where appropriate) to increase efficiency. Lastly, parts of the school that were damaged in the flood (floors, walls, etc.) will also be replaced. This includes the complete replacement of the floor in the gym.


At this point in time, work is scheduled to be completed by the contractor by the end of the calendar year (December 2022). We will continue to keep parents updated on the progress this fall. We acknowledge that families are still inquiring about accessing items from Wilmington ES and we will have more information on that topic in the days ahead as we finalize the plan.


July 26, 2022 – Design for restoration has been finalized and sent to tender. A contractor will be selected by the end of the first week of August and restoration work will begin shortly thereafter. Given that there continue to be supply chain issues, the TDSB is in the process of pre-ordering some of the mechanical equipment that will be required for the heating plant.


July 19, 2022 – While we had hoped to be able to retrieve items from Wilmington ES before the end of school in June, it was unfortunately not safe enough to do so at that time. The current plan is for this to happen in early Fall when school returns. Once it is safe for TDSB staff to enter the building, they will retrieve items that have been boxed up and then separate/organize the items so that families can retrieve their belongings. After this has occurred, the process for making claims for lost/damaged items will begin. More information on the retrieval and claims processes will be provided to families in September.


June 30, 2022 – Following a water main break that caused significant flooding at Wilmington ES in May 2022, design for restoration is currently being finalized and is anticipated to be completed in early July. The process to select the contractor is underway and the restoration is scheduled to begin at the end of July.