Support Systems for AP Students


  1. 1:1 multiplier
  • is MOST deserved!
  • students must meet all conditions as outlined in the school’s AP Extended Evaluation Policy
  1. School timetable - every effort is made to have AP courses and regular grade 12 courses scheduled back to back to facilitate course changes if necessary.
  2. University and College – if a student changes from AP to regular courses, we will change the AP courses from the OUAC and OCAS (not that it makes any difference, but ….). 
  3. We recommend AP students to bubble “DO NOT send marks to Universities” at AP exam time because we want them to have TOTAL control over the AP marks. 
  4. The AP mark will not appear on the O.S.T. What does appear is the O.S.S.mark NOT the AP mark. Almost in all cases, AP students earn the highest marks, bursaries, awards and scholarships. 
  5. We have specialized program presentations from grades 9 – 12. During Course selection there is a special P.S.I. for grade 11 and returning grade 12 students on AP courses and what they involve. They get to hear about AP from current students, graduates and AP teachers. Also, during routine 1:1 interviews with students in grade 9 – 12, counsellors work with students in completing their“ Post-Secondary Pathways” as it relates to their post-secondary destinations.
  6. All of our counsellors are very familiar with the AP Program and are always available with assistance. They will see all AP students 1:1 during the course selection process as well as during test ordering and of course, during university application time.
  7. They will also work closely with the AP teachers so that there is immediate intervention when AP students experience difficulty.
  8. Therefore, for those AP students who may not have a good experience, there is a strong support system in place to help them in times of trouble. Guidance will do whatever is necessary to make sure that our students’ needs are met at all levels.