Our Program

Since our doors first opened in 1929, York Memorial Collegiate Institute has earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Our wide range of course offerings, an extensive extra-curricular program, and a traditional year-long timetable continue to attract students from across Toronto. The staff and students who make up our culturally diverse population are committed to maintaining an inviting, safe school through a variety of initiatives. Over 80% of our graduates go on to university or college. Last year 55% of our graduates were Ontario Scholars.

In addition to a full range of academic courses from grades 9-12, York Memorial offers students specialized programs that include the R.U.S.H. (Road map to University Success with Honours) and Gifted Programs. Students enrolled in these specialized programs are expected to handle a more demanding academic curriculum. Since 1999, York Memorial has led the way in offering a wide range(15 courses) of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. These challenging courses are recognized nationally and internationally by many universities.

The R.U.S.H., Pre-AP, and AP programs provide high level enrichment in four areas of focus: MCS (Math, Computers, and Science), ARTS and HUMANITIES and COGNITIVE SCIENCE, giving students flexibility, wide subject choices and a broad academic preparation for success at post-secondary level. Students enrolled in these programs experience PRE-AP enrichment from grades 9-11 in preparation for the grade 12AP year and other educational opportunities offered at the senior level. For students who are interested in the arts, we provide a wide range of courses in music, drama, and visual arts.


Memo is committed to the integration of computer technology across the curriculum and is equipped with five computer labs, plus a Resource Centre with computers and Internet access. For students who wish to earn credits and gain valuable work experience, our Co-operative Education program offers many exciting placements to meet the needs of students who study at the R.U.S.H., Gifted, Academic and Applied programs.

Through an extensive extra-curricular program, including a variety of athletic programs, clubs and activities such as drama productions, music nights, Student Council, we provide enriching experiences so important to our students when seeking admission at prestigious universities.


Special Features

R.U.S.H. (Roadmap to University Success with Honours) an enrichment Program for High achieving students in 4 areas: MCS, Arts & Humanities, Cognitive Science.

PRE-AP Grades 9 - 11. (Only PRE-AP Program in the TDSB).

Grade 12 Advanced Placement (AP) courses recognized nationally & internationally.

A Safe & Caring School - school supported by an active Student Mentor Program.

A Student Success Program and Supports: Helping ALL students succeed!