Welcome to the Fine Arts Department

Our department includes the following subject areas:

  • Dance and Drama
  • Music
  • Visual Arts



Dance, drama, music and media & visual art help students develop knowledge and skills that can be applied in many other endeavours. Participation in the arts encourages innovative, creative, critical and “out of the box” thinking. Arts courses help students deepen their awareness and appreciation of diverse perspectives and provide ways of perceiving, interpreting, organizing and questioning various aspects of our world.

Participation in the arts encourages students to be responsible and critically literate members of society as they become self-aware and self-confident. Learning through the arts fosters integration of a student's sensory, cognitive and motor capacities while being intellectually rigorous disciplines that use complex symbols to communicate meaning and understanding. The arts curriculum in each of the subject areas is based on four central ideas: developing creativity, communicating, understanding culture and making connections.