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Staff and Classes

Office Staff

 Principal Melissa Carson
 Vice-Principal Gina McMichael
 Vice-Principal Michael Smith
 Office-Administrator  Rosemarie Sandy
 Secretary  Stacie  Davidson
 Secretary  Sahar Badawy
 Secretary (pm)  Averil Murray

Caretaking Staff

 Chief Caretaker TBD
 Evening Caretaker Mr. Boisvenu
 Evening Caretaker Mr. Gratton
 Evening Caretaker Mr. Samuels

Classroom Teachers

 JK/SK A Ms. Jacklin
 JK/SK B Ms. Elbertson
 JK/SK C Ms. Liu
 JK/SK D Ms. Correia
 JK/SK E Ms. Sahni
 JK/SK F Ms. Ing
 JK/SK G Mr. Ferneyhough
 JK/SK H Ms. Arao
 Grade 1 A Ms. Girardi D'Souza
 Grade 1 B Ms. Walsh
 Grade 1 C Ms. Popescu
 Grade 1 D Ms. Thomas
 Grade 1/2 A Ms. Damian
 Grade 1/2 B Ms. Tsang
 Grade 2 A Ms. Rinsma
 Grade 2 B Ms. Scher
 Grade 2 C Ms. Renshaw
 Grade 2 D Ms. Chapnick
 Grade 2 E Ms. Goldenberg
 Grade 2/3 Ms. Hoang-Keefe
 Grade 3 A Mr. Somers
 Grade 3 B Ms. Sisam
 Grade 3 C Ms. Meijer
 Grade 3 D Ms. Karstoff
 Grade 3/4 Ms. Kouay
 Grade 4 A Ms. Bull
 Grade 4 B Ms. Kamel
 Grade 4 C Ms. Khan
 Grade 4 French Extended Ms. Shojaei
 Grade 5 A Mr. Gold
 Grade 5 B Mr. Walton
 Grade 5 C Mr. Thompson
 Grade 5/6 Extended French  Ms. Thibeault-Lanteigne
 Grade 6 A Ms. John
 Grade 6 B Ms. Mendoza
 Grade 6 C Ms. Magder
 Grade 6 Extended French Ms. Vink
 PRI MID Ms. Macklin
 JR MID Mr. Muldoon

Support and Programs

 ESL/LEAP Ms. Pinto
 ESL/LEAP Ms. Arrowood
 ESL Ms. Sayeed
 ESL/Reading Recovery Ms. Zemell
 ESL/Reading Recovery Mr. Evensen
 ESL/Media Literacy Mr. Coleman
 HSP/SERT Ms. A. White
 HSP/SERT Ms. Eisen
 SERT/PREP Ms. Tyler
 Physical Education Mr. Fry
 Prep (pm) Ms. Atcha
 Music Ms. Chan
 Visual Arts/Media Literacy Ms. K. White
 French/Phys-Ed Ms. McNie
 French/Music Mr. Miller
 Media Literacy Ms. Li
 Library Ms. Van Huyse

Educational Assistants

 EA MID Jr Mr. Arbuckle
 EA MID Pr Ms. Kostandin
 EA HSP Ms. Nickolic
 EA (pm) TBD
 SNA Ms. Parousis
 SNA (pm) Ms. Boardman
Early Childhood Educators
Ms. Barnes Ms. Hassam
Ms. Qiao Ms. Mani
Ms. Patel Ms. Shanmugaratnam
Ms. Willis  

Lunchroom Supervisors

Grade 1 Ms. Paputsis
Grade 3 Ms. Rallis
Grade 4 Ms. Tulsi
Grade 5 Ms. Selvakaralan
Grade 6 Ms. Craigg
FDK (Room 101A) Mr. Sembapperuma
FDK (Room 103) Ms. Fayad
FDK (Room 104) Ms. Gunaratham
FDK (Room 101) Ms. Khanam
FDK (Room 105) Ms. Nzambe
FDK (Room 102) Ms. Ramasubramaniam
FDK (Room 106) Ms. Shaista
FDK (Room 107) Ms. Sharma
Parenting Centre Ms. Jamwal
S.E.P.T. Ms. Feng
Spec. Ed. Consultant Ms. Aiello
Speech and Language Pathology  Ms. Alter
Social Work Ms. McIntyre
Psycho-Education Pathology Ms. Williamson
MSIC Community Worker Mr. MacPherson
Champions Daycare Ms. Adams Mingo



Location of School

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