Applying to the Program

Download an Application PackagePART ONE: APPLICATION PACKAGE

  • Student Application - please ensure that forms are signed
  • Community Reference Forms - two forms to be sealed in envelopes by the referees
  • Creative Writing - a photocopy of a recent, original written work
  • Interest and Background Form - applicant required to complete this form
  • Most Recent Report Card - a photocopy is acceptable


Interview and Creative Activities:
You will be required to present a portfolio, participate in creative activities, and complete an interview with a member of our selection committee. The interview will consist of a discussion concerning your interest, inspiration and experience concerning visual arts and technology. Please note the applicants do not require expertise in both areas, but rather a curiosity and interest to learn both traditional arts and new technology.
You are required to bring the following to the interview:
A portfolio which may include: drawings, paintings, mixed media, photographs, video/ audio tapes, sculpture, digital images, etc. (maximum of 10 finished works or items), a sketchbook or a collection of materials that demonstrate creativity over a period of time. a self portrait using a pencil (this will be kept by the school as part of your application), a recent portrait photograph of yourself (this will be kept by the school as part of your application)
Download an Application Package 

Portfolio Tips

Here are some tips to help you to create a professional portfolio: 

  1. Start preparing early - draw everyday in your sketchbook
  2. Be organized (choose the order of your artwork)
  3. Do not fold artwork - keep artwork clean and professional
  4. Focus on your best work and most recent work
  5. Have a variety of media compositions if possible (e.g. pastel, pencil, digital, paint, sculpture, etc.)
  6. Show a variety of subjects and ideas in your work
  7. Show rough work
  8. Bring something original
  9. Be prepared to explain your art: your choices of techniques, your inspiration, the date of creation, etc.
  10. Make digital media easy to view (i.e., CD-ROM, DVD, flash-drive, or online -  formats such as jpg, png, pdf, mov, avi)

Audition Tips

Here are some helpful tips to assist you during the audition process:

  1. Attend LCI's open house
  2. Be on time for your audition
  3. Be prepared with a strong portfolio (see Portfolio Tips)
  4. Remember to bring your portfolio and a photograph of yourself
  5. Show confidence in yourself and your artwork
  6. Be clear when you are speaking
  7. Show enthusiasm for your work and your place in CyberARTS
  8. Don't be afraid to ask questions - even have some prepared beforehand
  9. Take your time in showing each piece of artwork


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