Many assignments are given and work must meet deadlines.

Science, Math, and written French are structured to be increasingly independent - but closely monitored.

The physical education program emphasizes skill development, sportsmanship and the enjoyment of physical activity. It includes swimming, tennis, skating and hockey along with other regular sports

We don't have inter-school teams but we do have an after school sports program which operates on Tuesdays for much of the year.

Computers are an integral part of many areas of the program and each student studies a musical instrument.

Each June for one week, volunteers run a variety of small group, art-related activities (Special Art Week).

For a week prior to each of two annual concerts, all students rehearse exclusively on dramatic and musical performances for our Winter and Spring Concerts.

During even-numbered years, in the spring, the regular program is stopped for a 3 week immersion in ecology called
EcoQuest) - or for one week for a series of visits to workplaces and community organizations (Community Resources Week).

Each January students go to Quebec for a 5 day immersion in French language, culture and skiing/snowboarding.