Quest follows the Ontario Curriculum document for each of the subjects studied. We explore the depth and breadth of the material through interactive simulations, cross-curricular projects and alternative programming.

The year is chunked into 4 to 6 week increments that lead into a culminating activity or project that draws from every corner of our studies. An approximate breakdown of the year is as follows:


September - Breaking the Ice and Building the School

We spend the first few weeks of September building community and considering the attributes and values we aim to promote throughout the year. We construct our annual Code of Conduct from these conversations and activities. We establish routines, expectations and responsibility committees while deepening our friendships as we head toward our first overnight trip.

October - Camping

Our first overnight trip of the year is a camping trip that includes daily academic periods in addition to outdoor activities and games. A number of projects are launched at Camp and are completed upon our return to Quest.

November - Industrial Arts and Family Studies

Each November, Grade 8 students engage in an Industrial Arts inquiry project that seems them use basic woodworking skills to create a finished product. This past year, students made Bird Houses. The Grade 7s meanwhile, spend time sewing and cooking, with the latter occurring mainly en fran├žais!

December - Winter Concert

In December, the entire school transforms into a performance space as the students write, act, sing and perform their instruments in the annual Winter Concert. They also handle costumes, props, lighting, and sound effects! While their linguistic and dramatic skills are being put to the test on stage, short independent projects occur in the other subjects.

January - St. Donat Immersive French Trip

In January, we reset from a well-deserved winter break and set our sights on St. Donat. Subjects begin to look at travel, winter sports, traditional folk tales and other aspects of this amazing out-of-province experience.

February / March - Time Management Week & Academic Focus

The time after St. Donat presents the Quest community with an opportunity to focus squarely on academic pursuits. In February, students are tasked with constructing a week-long time table and meeting deadlines on a number of independent mini-units, during Time-Management Week. 

April - EcoQuest or Community Resource Week

April’s alternative focus alternates each year. On even-numbered years, students engage in a three-week intensive science fair with a strong ecological focus dubbed EcoQuest. In the final week, Quest hosts over a thousand visitors throughout the day and into the evenings, who come to listen to Quest students discuss their EcoQuest projects.

On odd-numbered years, students spend a week in April, learning about career, volunteer and philanthropic options throughout Toronto. Students attend at-school talks as well as visits to workplaces. In recent years, students have learned about various aspects of the film industry, seen the inner workings of the Fairmont Royal York, visited various hospitals, and donated their time to the St. Felix Centre.

May - Mock Parliament (7s) & Sustainable City (8s)

May sees Quest two intensive, cross-curricular projects step to the fore, as the 7s mix historical research and role play by conducting a Mock Parliament in early 1800s Canada. The 8s combine their scientific, and geographic, inquiry and research skills to create a Sustainable City of the not so distant future.

June - Final Trip, Special Arts Week, Graduation

June is filled with introspection and reflection. Quest celebrates the culmination of all of our hard work, with a final overnight trip. We look to expand our artistic skills and beautify our physical space with Special Arts Week. And finally, we send off our amazing Grade 8s with a student-designed, student-decorated, Graduation ceremony. Recent Grad themes include “Graduates of the Galaxy” and “80s Arcade”