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Please visit the Runnymede Junior and Senior Public School website often to learn about all the amazing things that are happening at Runnymede.  Use the tool bar on the left to navigate the site. 

Mental Health and Well-Being Parent Symposium:  On 9 May 2015, the first annual Mental Health and Well-Being Parent Symposium, “Parents as Partners – Taking Action Together” will take place at Earl Haig Secondary School, 100 Princess Avenue, from 8:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. The day will feature workshops for parents that will:
  • Increase parent engagement in supporting mental health and well-being of their children
  • Raise awareness regarding mental health issues
  • Provide an opportunity for parents to gain an understanding of what mental health and well-being supports are available within the TDSB and the community

Please visit to register.

Facilities Update:  Learning and working in a 99 year old building has it’s challenges. With the coldest February on record behind us let’s keep our fingers crossed that March will bring us some above freezing temperatures. The heating issues we were experiencing in February have been resolved. We were actually never without heat, however the aging infrastructure of our building makes it challenging to distribute heat evenly throughout the building. TDSB heating specialists were able to rectify the issues and will continue to monitor the building to ensure there is no reoccurrence. When no heat is reported in a classroom, emergency work orders are called in and heating specialists are dispatched to the school. Classes without heat are temporarily moved to available locations within the school. Work on the new boiler will continue over the summer in an effort to integrate the new system with the aging infrastructure.

  • Work on the electrical vault is still ongoing. This work is slated to be completed during the March break.
  • The harsh winter weather has caused the cement stairs at Exit #3 to deteriorate to the point where this Exit has been closed temporarily for safety reasons. Work on these stairs and the stairs in the Colbeck Yard will be dealt with once the weather permits.

Due to the ongoing construction, repairs and the upgrading of different systems in the school, students and parents may have to be re-routed. We apologize for the inconvenience some of these changes may cause and appreciate your understanding and patience during

Centennial Legacy Project - Front Yard Refresh:  Runnymede's front yard is getting a makeover!  For more information and to find out how you can help please read this month's Runnymede Rapport.

Kindergarten Registration Month: If you have not registered your child for Junior Kindergarten or know of someone in the Runnymede catchment area, please call the school at (416) 393-9055 to make an appointment to register your child for the 2015-16 school year. When registering your child, you will be required to provide the following:

  • Proof of age (a birth certificate or baptismal record or passport)
  •  Proof of citizenship (a birth certificate, passport, or Record of Land-ing, PR Card) 
  •  Proof of address (two pieces of identification that show your address, i.e., current gas, electric bill statements, Tax assessment (current year) , bank statement, income tax form, rental or lease or purchase agreements). A DRIVER’S LICENSE CANNOT BE USED AS A FORM OF IDENTIFICATION.
  • Proof of immunization record/or notarized waiver  
  • Health Card

Remember to pass on this information to your neighbours/friends with kindergarten age children living in the Runnymede P.S. catchment area.
Lice Check - Tuesday March 24th and Wednesday March 25Tth:
Parent Council volunteers will be doing another lice check for Grades K-6 just after the March Break, on Tuesday March 24th and Wednesday March 25th, 2015. This is a parent-lead initiative and can only be a success with your help. At this time, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!  To find out how, please read this month's Runnymede Rapport.

Junk Art Contest:  Over the March Break, Runnymede students from K-6 are encouraged to create a works of art out of recycled materials in order to compete in our annual Junk Art Contest. All entries must be brought to school by Friday March 27th, 2015. Prizes of Chapters/Indigo gift certificates will be awarded to the14 winning artists!  For more Green Team updates, please read this month's Runnymede Rapport.

Runnymede Sports:  Students are encouraged to listen to the announcements to find out how they can become involved in the intramural sports programs that are available. Currently, with the help of staff and students, soccer intramurals will run well into the month of April and are available to grade 4-8 students. Hockey and soccer programs will follow and will extend to the end of the school year.  Also stay tuned for announcement about Jr. and Sr. Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee teams coming up this Spring.

Drama Leadership Program: We are very pleased to have the Drama Leadership Program back again this year. The Drama Leadership program provides our Grade 8 students with the opportunity to practice leadership as facilitators, mentors, mediators and public speakers by engaging younger students in workshops. Theatre exercises and activities are used to help younger students develop skills and sensitivity to issues of violence prevention, respect, equity and inclusion, and advocacy.  For more information about this program, please read this month's Runnymede Rapport.

Runnymede Art:  In Intermediate Visual Arts several grade 8 students are participating in THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT. This is a traveling exhibition of artists’ sketchbooks. Our "Runnymede Grade 8 students" book will be touring with the 2015 exhibit and will also be available for viewing online after June 2015. Please visit this link for details.  Many Grade 7 and Grade 8 students are participating in an art project for the Pan Am Games. They are creating multi-media panels that will be on display in the visiting athletes’ residence and photographed for the digitrons in the many sports venues during the Toronto 2015 Games. As well, because the TDSB has partnered with the city of Toronto and the TTC, the artworks may appear throughout the entire city!

Check This Out: Visit Mathies a math website designed for Ontario K-12 students and parents. This website includes math games, learning tools, activities, additional supports, a parent section that addresses frequently asked questions and more.  This link is also available in the Student section of our website (see left-hand menu).


Upcoming Events

May's character trait is integrity.

May 1 - 29
Dental Screening for K-8 students

May 5
Grade 8 Band to Western Tech for Kiwanis Provincial recording (pm)

May 13
Drama Leadership
GAUSS Math Contest

May 14
Senior Concert @7pm

May 18
Victoria Day - no school

May 21
Junior Concert @ 7pm

May 25 - 29
EQAO - Grade 6

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