Classroom Activities

After your visit at Warren Park Outdoor Education Centre follow up activities can help solidify students experiential learning. RAFT’s and Choice Boards are tools to assist with non fiction writing assignments. RAFTS can help teachers identify and incorporate the elements of an effective writing assignment and are very similar to GRASP’s found within the Ecoschools guidelines. Choice Boards offer ways to target multiple intelligences providing differentiated opportunities for learning and assessment. We have also included links to other websites with meaningful  post activities.

The activities are listed under the name of the program.


Nature Scavenger Hunt from Ontario EcoSchools

Nature Art from Ontario EcoSchools

Exploration of Living Things Grade 1

Choice Board for Exploration of Living Things

Curriculum Connections for Exploration of Living Things

Air and Water in the Environment  Grade 2

Who has seen the Wind Program from Ontario EcoSchools

RAFT for Air and Water in the Environment             

Curriculum Connections for Air and Water in the Environment   

Animal Characteristics Grade 2

Choice Board for Animal Characteristics

Curriculum Connections for Animal Characteristics

Soils Grade 3

Soils Creative Learning Garden Activity

Soils Follow Up Discussion

Life and Times of Plants Grade 3

Leaf Learning Program from Ontario EcoSchools

Plants Help Keep a House Cool from Ontario EcoSchools

Exploring Animal Habitats Grade 4

Choice Board for Animal Habitats

RAFT for Animal Habitats 

Postcards from a Perfect Plot
Postcards From a Perfect Plot.docx

Curriculum Connections for Animal Habitats

Rocks, Minerals and Erosion     Grade 4

Rockstar Theatre 

Ride the Rock Cycle Activity

Rocks Discussion and Creative Learning Activity


What is Your Ecological Footprint?  Grades 5 & 6

Idling Experiment from Resources for Rethinking

RAFT for What is Your Ecological Footprint?

How Big is Your Ecological Footprint?  Worksheet
Eco Footprint Worksheet.pdf

Curriculum Connections for What is Your Ecological Footprint? 

Digital Photography Grade 5 & 6

Digital Photo Challenge Follow Up.pdf

Biodiversity - The Connections Grade 6

Invasive Species Challenge from Resources for Rethinking

The Effects of an Oil Spill on Food Webs
Biodiversity Assignment-grade 6 Post activity.pdf

An Invasive Species Assignment
Invasive Species Presentation.pdf

What Wetland Bugs Can Teach Us Resources for Rethinking

Other Resources

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