Unearthing Art

Using the Humber River valley as an artist’s studio, investigate how the basic elements of art - line, shape, colour and texture - are also found in the world around us. Students will create artworks on site, using only natural materials, drawing on their own experiences and that of other Earthwork artists’ creations for their inspiration. In the afternoon students may use iPads to film their art presentation. Please ensure that media release forms have been signed. For those students who cannot be filmed they will take on a Director or a Videographer role. An alternative to using the iPads to film is to take pictures of the wonderful works of art with a camera for use back at school.  Either way, the pictures or videos will be sent back to the school for follow up activities. 

Strands: Visual Arts, Science & Technology: Matter & Materials, Structures & Mechanisms, Earth & Space; Language: Oral & Visual Communication

Fall, Winter, Spring