COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream Funding Project
Our School has a COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream Funding Project.

Annette Street Junior and Senior Public School

Returning to School


  • We ask all Grade 1-8 families to say good-bye to their children at the gate; we will not be allowing these families on the playground.
  • Kindergarten will meet their teachers at their perspective door or gate.
  • There are six staff members on duty every morning, starting at 8:35 am.
  • We will be unlocking the north gate at the top of Annette St's field to relieve congestion at the east and west gates.


  • For all families from Grade 1 -8, please do not enter the schoolyard until 3:15 pm.
  • One family member may enter the schoolyard at 3:15 pm and line up in their child's line. 
  • Teachers will be dismissing the students to their family members in those lines.
  • We will be unlocking the north gate at the top of Annette St's field to relieve congestion at the east and west gates.
  • As soon as you pick up your child, make your way off school property.
  • All students will be asked to leave school property at the end of the day and make their way home.
  • Do not bring dogs onto the property; it is best if they stay home to reduce crowding and confusion.

Open Windows: In colder weather, Toronto Public Health recommends keeping the windows closed during instructional time for temperature control. Every so often (about every 60 to 90 minutes), open windows for a few minutes to increase ventilation (i.e. during recess time).

Google Classrooms: our virtual classrooms need to be maintained and kept up to date. Homework/activities will be posted that are reflective of the learning happening in class. This essential practice will support our students who are required to stay home due to illness or quarantine. 

Tech Returns: If you borrowed tech from the school, please return it with your child. It will be quarantined for 72 hours before returning to classrooms.

We will continue to be vigilant with hand washing, hand sanitizer and social distancing. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.


Assistive Technology Tools for All Students

While our students are remote learning and doing most of their work on computers, they can benefit from useful tools available to all TDSB students.  Google Voice Typing is a useful speech to text tool available to all students who are working in Google Docs, part of the GAFE (Google Apps For Education).  Most of our students know how to use Google Voice Typing but may not have used it frequently.  Now with remote learning they may find this tool quite useful.  See the attached handout for simple instructions on how to use Google Voice Typing.  Google Voice Typing Handout

Read and Write Extension for Chrome is another useful tool for all students.  It is designed to provide literacy support to all students for completing reading, writing and research tasks. All teachers, staff and students have access to the full suite of Read and Write tools in Chrome, Windows and Edge. Read and Write can also be used with Mac, iOS and Android devices.  For information on Home Installations click here.  Click on this link for information on how to access the extension and short tutorials on how to use it.

From the Office

Grade 8 Optional Attendance: Due to the extended closure, optional attendance forms will be submitted as follows:

  • The Parent/Guardian will complete the Optional Attendance form and email the completed form to the current school principal. The form may be sent as a scan, a photo or a screengrab. 
  • The current school principal or designate (VP, office staff etc.) will sign and email the form(s) to the receiving school. 
  • The receiving school will confirm receipt of the form(s) by email reply to the sending school.
  • The current school will communicate with families that the Optional Attendance Form was signed, sent and received by the receiving school. 

Gr. 8 Families -  Visit this link for all Open House information


A joint HPAS/ASPS multi-year, multi-phase initiative to revitalize and transform our library into a modern, 21st century Library Learning Commons. This year, phase 1, our common HPAS/ASPS goal is $40,000. It sounds big, but together we will raise it and create it. Every dollar counts! Learn & Donate at