Sports, Wellness and Achievement Network

-Sport for All, All for Sport-

The Lawrence Heights Sports, Wellness and Achievement Network (SWAN) provides sports and wellness opportunities to students in the currently underserved Toronto neighbourhood of Lawrence Heights. Centred at Baycrest Public School, we are creating a collaborative network of area schools and interested sports and charitable organizations, as well as government agencies, with the overall goal of offering students in our area equitable access to the sports and wellness opportunities they need to help them achieve to the best of their ability and become healthy, active participants in creating a better world.  Increasing the health and wellbeing of our students will improve their academic achievement and overall success now and in their future lives, and will have the long-term effect of also improving the health and wellbeing of our community as a whole, especially as we begin to involve parents in the process. A second major objective is to provide a 'pathway to excellence' for those students who show the interest and ability to succeed in sports at a higher level, but who in many cases in our community would not have access to more advanced coaching and training.

Currently we have over 70 individual supporters, representing 5 area schools, as well as more than 15 sports organizations, 4 charitable organizations, 2 levels of government and TDSB administration.  These numbers continue to grow, as the excitement around this project is AMAZING! Many sports and charitable organizations have been looking for an opportunity to partner more closely with schools, while leaders within the TDSB see this is a highly promising way to build community as well as student pride and achievement.  It's an all around 'win' for everyone!

Benefits of Quality Physical Education (QPE)