Principal's Message

Welcome to Bessborough Drive Public School, where we are fortunate to have a vibrant school community.

We are dedicated to the academic advancement of all students. Therefore, every aspect of school life is planned to achieve that goal. We strongly believe and demonstrate that all students can attain mastery of the essential school skills. With the implementation of a rigorous curriculum, high standards and frequent monitoring of students we create a climate of high expectations for success. These are essential characteristics of an effective school. We are moving towards integration of technology at all levels. Our school has been deemed a STEM school which will allow us to grow collectively and create opportunities for students to integrate math, science, technology and visual arts into all areas of the curriculum.

As the principal, I am committed to an inclusive, respectful, equitable school culture that engages in professional learning to ensure we are providing all our students with programs that meet their needs. We work collectively as a team to ensure that we focus on excellent programming. We are fortunate to have an outstanding staff, student body, School Council/Home and School, as well as a parent network, that bring enthusiasm, passion, and commitment to the vision of our school.

It is our responsibility to make sure every student has an opportunity to be successful. Bessborough Public School has created a safe and nurturing environment for students, parents, and staff members. It is a wonderful place to grow and learn. As a whole school community we focus on nurturing and raising a generation of talented, effective, and moral individuals that are provided with opportunities to thrive and feel safe to take risks.

At Bessborough Drive Public School we provide students with many leadership opportunities while focusing on the monthly character education traits. Students also participate in a variety of athletic programs, choir clubs, language classes, eco club and arts programs. The students also get an opportunity to view several performing arts programs with a wide variety from theatre, dance, music, puppetry, and interactive storytelling performances. I believe that the performing arts play a vital role in the development of healthy, creative and responsible members of society.

Please join me in working together to ensure that each child at Bessborough Drive Public School can become a respectful and productive global citizen.

Patricia Broderick, Principal

Our Mission Statement

Our Environment, Programs and Beliefs Support Student Success!
Our Guiding Principles:

  • We shall create a school that fosters respect of self, other people and the environment for the well-being of our mutual future.
  • We shall develop programs that foster personal achievement, the dignity of each person and a curiosity for life-long learning.
  • We shall support the equity of access to learning, the responsibility of each individual for his or her own learning and a respect and acknowledgement of individual differences.
  • We believe that community interaction (local and global), communication with the public, and co-operation in decision-making will produce a school that is safe, productive and enjoyable.