Online CO-OP

This is a Semestered Program. Students enroll for 2 Quads. Quads 1 and 2 (September to January), or Quads 2 and 3 (February to mid April) or Quads 3 and 4 (mid April to June).

Students may use their current job as long as it    
                                                          a) is in Toronto (postal code)
                                                          b) provides for some weekday shifts beginning no later than 2 pm
                                                          c) you have your supervisors/employers approval
                                                          d) you have WSIB insurance coverage (no cash job)

Volunteer (Non-Paid Positions are available. Be specific about what career area you would like to explore and collaborate with your coop teacher to secure a position.

You must be committed to the same placement for the duration of the program.

You have regular access to WiFi and a reliable computer.

You book off time to attend Mandatory in-school classes.