School Council email address:

The School Council is an advisory group that works closely with our principal on issues that affect our students and parents.

Make sure you stop us in the playground to chat about the amazing things that are happening in our school. Have a great idea? We want to hear it!
We want YOU to work with US! School Council meetings are open to all parents. The next meeting date and agenda can be found in Council News, our monthly newsletter and under the Council Meetings tab on the website. Special Guest Speakers will be presenting on relevant topics at the beginning of each meeting. Suggest an agenda item by clicking on Have Your Say. Make sure you check out the Volunteer Corner page to find out how you can help with School Council initiatives. Finally, don’t forget to check out our Council News and Events page and take advantage of some great opportunities.

Many School Council initiatives including, Pizza Lunch, Spirit Day Popcorn, and the Comets Carnival are fundraisers. Thank-you to all the parents and staff who supported our fundraising efforts last year. Please read our Financial Reports listed below to learn how your hard-earned money was used to support our school!